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Mouni Roy in Bathing Suit Poses with Disha Patani

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Mouni Roy has never been afraid of showing off her figure. She recently enjoyed time with her friend and fellow actress, Disha Patani. The two enjoyed a pool day, and Roy shared a selfie of the two of them on her Instagram story. Both of them wore black swimsuits and looked stunning. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Mouni Roy stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Goes With The Flow

Pierre Suu/GC Images

In an interview with IDiva, Roy opened up about what she has learned from her career. She says that she has learned to roll with the punches when it comes to her career. "I guess we have all had our share of experiences that vary from one another. I would say it is very difficult to navigate this industry in terms of whether you and your work is being taken seriously. Difficult to get the right meetings, auditions and the next film. But I truly know we are all going through our own journeys and fair share of struggles. So, no complaints you know. I guess you have to have the passion for your craft and work as a newcomer everyday, learn and dance, and treat all your difficulties and failures as much with kindness and love."


She Works Hard

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Roy tells IDiva that she's a hard worker, and that this is something she's learned from working as an actress. "My biggest learnings while working in TV were discipline, commitment and conviction; of playing one single character with the same conviction and spontaneity for months and sometimes even years. There's no shortcut to hard work. Have respect for your own and everyone else's time."


She Doesn't Let Criticism Get To Her

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Roy tells IDiva that she doesn't let haters or any criticism get to her. "Many years back when I had joined social media platforms, I used to wonder how people can be so unkind and it used to bother me. Soon, I realised, they are phantom beings hiding behind their screens writing rubbish which actually says the kind of pitiful people they are. So there is nothing to feel bad there. You should say a prayer for them and let them be."


She Loves Yoga

Roy is a fan of yoga and meditation. She talked about this in this Instagram post. "Can't begin to explain how yoga and meditation has helped change my mindset and in turn has brought positive impact on my body," she wrote in the caption. "It is so so imp to include yoga in daily life for a person's body, mind and soul. Start slow and steady, simple things, what your body can adapt quickly, slowly you ll see your body and mind asking for more. Replace the craving for bad with the good. Slow & steady. One tiny change at a time. And tog it ll bring the physical and mental discipline which ll have a positive impact on your entire day, helps me be way less vague & anxious than I used to be before. I hope for all of us to continue and let go of all the garbage that we don't need in our minds and lives and bring positive changes lil by lil err'yday."


She Goes To The Beach

Mouni nRoy/Instagram

Roy spends a lot of time outside. In particular, she loves to go to the beach. She shares a bunch of posts on Instagram of herself by the water. Roy shared this video of herself walking through the water, captioning it, "Hello Miami." She also shared this photo of herself at the beach, captioning it, "Me to the sea."

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