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Natalie Roser in Bathing Suit Has "Core Memory Unlocked" 

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Natalie Roser is reminiscing – in her swimsuit. The Aussie model shows off her amazing figure in a white bathing suit in one of her latest social media posts, posing with a cup of tea. "Core memory unlocked," she captioned the Instagram snap, attracting endless fire emojis in the comment section. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Natalie Roser stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Pilates

"I do a lot of different things, I don't like to stick to one type of exercise because this way my body responds better," Natalie told Grazia. One of her go-tos? "I do a reformer Pilates class where I get in, get it done and tick all the boxes," she says.


She Runs

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Natalie also enjoys running, outdoors and on the treadmill. "Cardio is really good for me. Most mornings, I will get up, put on my 2XU tights and go for a three-kilometre run either outside or on the treadmill. I do fasted cardio – this means I train before I've had any breakfast – and I think my body responds really well to that in terms of weight loss or controlling my weight. Everybody is completely different though. I grew up running so I feel like my body is built for that, but it's not for everyone," she added to Grazia. 


She Does HIIT Workouts

On the days she feels more "energised and switched on," Natalie lifts weight. "I hit the gym and do little weight circuits and high intensity training which usually involves skipping, squats, lunges, burpees and ab work. I'll do, like, one minute on, 20 seconds off, four times. I train five days a week. Two days a week, I will choose sleep over getting up and going to the gym," she told Grazia. 


Here Is What She Eats in a Day

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Breakfast "I am a smoothie breakfast girl. I like almond milk, frozen blueberries, banana, protein powder, chia seeds and cacao," Natalie explains.

Lunch: "This is usually a second breakfast for me. I'll have eggs or something with carbs like a sweet potato or potato with leafy greens and salad. I'm usually on the run come lunchtime so you'll see me grabbing something from Spud Bar in Melbourne which I've only recently discovered. If I'm home, I'll cook up some brown rice with spinach, tomatoes and a dash of soy sauce. I keep my lunch pretty basic because I snack a fair bit throughout the day on fruit and nuts. For me, dinner's where it's at, that's where I load up."

Dinner: "I'm really enjoying these pastas that are made from chick peas. It's delicious! I've been having that with a tomato base with heaps of veggies or a coconut cream sauce. I'm a vegetarian but I do try and eat vegan when the option is available. I'm a pretty big eater so I like that that makes me feel full and curbs my carb craving!"


She Cheats and Cleanses

Natalie always makes room for a cheat day. "I find pizza night super enjoyable. It's a really happy moment in life when the pizza delivery man arrives at the door!" However, she also knows how to cleanse her body. "If I have a big weekend and need a detox come Monday morning, I'll eat super clean, have my smoothie, have my light lunch, go to the gym in the afternoon and have a sauna session so I can sweat out the toxins from the weekend. I follow that up with a good night's sleep and I'm back on track!"

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