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Nicole Scherzinger in Bathing Suit Dances in Caribbean

The Pussycat Doll is enjoying her time in Canouan.

Normally you'd have to pay big money to watch Nicole Scherzinger dance, maybe on stage at a Pussycat Dolls reunion. But she's feeling generous this week, and posted a video on her TikTok of her in an off-white wrap-around bikini and peach sarong, doing a dance. It's not the first posting from her trip to the Caribbean island of Canouan. How does she stay so fit while having so much fun? Read on to see 7 ways Nicole Scherzinger stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out When She Can

Nicole posted a viral Instagram video of her earlier this summer working out in a gym—wearing a skimpy bathing suit. "I don't dance…I WERK", she captioned the video of her on a cycling machine, lifting dumbbells and working on a bench press. Nicole loves fitness so much, rumor is she's developing her own fitness program called Mana Movement.


She Says Your Body Craves What You Feed It

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"I have been on every diet in the world, so I don't like diets because they only seem to last for so long – and you really mess with your metabolism. It's more about balance and moderation. If I deprive myself of things, I tend to go wild afterwards," she told NetDoctor. "I think your body tends to crave what you give it. If you're going to eat a lot of crisps and French fries, you're going to crave that. If you drink a lot of water, eat more rice, pulses, salads and fish your body is going to crave that, too. If you want to eat a bit more desert, have a little bit if it's going to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's balance."


She Works Out for Her "Frame of Mind"

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"If I'm honest with you, I workout more for my frame of mind and to prepare me for the shows. I really love and care about my job and the live shows, and I want to arrive feeling as though I'm ready to take on anything and give everything. And workouts help me get in that frame of mind," she told NetDoctor.


Nicole Has Done Yoga


Nicole has posted pictures of herself doing yoga. "Establishing a home yoga practice is a great way to keep your body and mind at ease. Yes, it can sometimes test your patience, and you might not be able to touch the floor during that first — or 15th session. But the beauty of it is if you keep at it, you'll eventually loosen the tight grip that stress has on your body," says the Cleveland Clinic.


This is What She's Tell Her Younger Self

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What would she tell her younger self? "Try not sweat the small stuff and don't care so much about what other people think. Hold on to the right things and let go to the things that aren't serving you. Be kinder to yourself," she told NetDoctor.


This is How She Got Through the Toughest Times of the Pandemic

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"I like to start my mornings out with a workout," she says. "Get your body moving, it really makes a difference." Nicole also watches TED talks. "Use this time to be creative. Dance around. Listen to music. Get your spirits up," she said to the Child Mind Institute. "Learn something new." She vowed to learn how to play the ukulele. "I know we all have that to-do list. This is the time to check it off…..Just know we are all in this together. Stay positive."


Nicole Values Mental Health

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"Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay everyone!" she posted on a recent Mental Health Day. "What a reminder to honor and care for everyone you love and to be compassionate to others and yo self!" "Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function," says the Mayo Clinic.

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