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Nicole Scherzinger in Bathing Suit Flaunted Curves This Week

The singer has been posting a lot of revealing photos to her Instagram.

Singer and TV judge Nicole Scherzinger has been showing off her body since the beginning of her career, and has no signs of stopping. She also looks the exact same way she did at the beginning of her career. Scherzinger posted a lot of swimsuit photos to her Instagram this week from a vacation she took to Canouan. Read on to see 6 ways Nicole Scherzinger stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's A Believer In Moderation

Scherzinger says that she makes sure to eat healthy, but she also is a believer in moderation and doesn't deprive herself. When asked her what the best diet tip she ever received was, Scherzinger answered, "Have everything in moderation." Scherzinger's trainer, Paolo Mascitti, says that he encourages his clients to practice moderation, as it is an easier and more sustainable diet. "I don't want my clients to feel extremely restricted in their life," Mascitti says to HollywoodLife. "I want it to be a lifestyle they can sustain."


She Avoids Midnight Snacks

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Scherzinger says to that she tries to avoid midnight snacks as often as she can, however, she admits that this is difficult for her. "I have to practice it more myself, but not eating too late at night – it really makes a huge difference." Scherzinger is correct, as several studies have found that eating late at night can be bad for you. A piece for University Health News reported that eating late at night can affect blood sugar regulation and cause weight gain. 


She Listens To Music While Working Out


Scherzinger is a singer, songwriter, and judge on The Masked Singer, so music is a big part of her life. It is also a big part of her fitness. She says to, "I also love to just zone out, listen to music and jog. All you need is a good playlist – especially since the good weather is coming in the UK and there are so many gorgeous parks." When asked to give some of her fitness tips, Scherzinger said, "Make a great playlist to inspire you to work out."


She Does HIIT Workouts

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Scherzinger's trainer, Paolo Mascitti, tells HollywoodLife that he does HIIT workouts with the singer. Mascitti says that he will have Scherzinger start with walking out to a plank from a standing position. "We can do 12 of those. It can be followed by squat overhead presses [with dumbbells]," he says. Twelve reps of those can be followed by 12 squat jumps. "Then it could be a one minute run at medium intensity, just active recovery time. Then we start doing lunges with weights [holding a set of dumbbells]. Let's say we do 16 – eight and eight – or 10 and 10 [reps]. Followed by jumping [forward] lunges. Go and run again, active recovery for one minute. Come back, repeat maybe three, four times." Mascitti even posted the singer's workouts on Instagram


She's A Fan Of Yoga & Meditation

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Scherzinger tells that one of her favorite workouts is yoga, "I'm really into hot yoga right now." She also encourages others to "Try hot yoga and meditation and pray when you can." Scherzinger has posted videos and photos of herself doing yoga on her Instagram page.


She Stays Hydrated


When Scherzinger did a "What I Eat In A Day" food diary for People, she revealed that she will have "6 to 8 glasses of water" each day. Scherzinger also told that she one of her ways of staying energized is "lots of water." Scherzinger does have a specific type of water that she likes, saying, "My new go to thing is coconut water though – I'll have that in the morning and when I'm feeling low on energy throughout the day."

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