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Padma Lakshmi Takes a Bath "With" Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Funny Photo

Here’s how the Top Chef star stays in shape.

Friends that bathe together, stay together! Padma Lakshmi and pal Jesse Tyler Ferguson shared an intimate moment together over the weekend, enjoying some rest and relaxation together from across the country. The Top Chef star shared a hilarious photo of their special moment together. "When your friend wants to have a quiet moment together but they're across the country," she captioned the Instagram image of them, both bathing in copper tubs from their respective coastlines. How does the mother and career eater maintain her fantastic figure? Read on to see 7 ways Padma Lakshmi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Does a Regular Detox

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Due to the fact that her job entails eating a lot of good, Padma revealed to Health that she gains up to 17 pounds after each season of Top Chef. Post filming she goes on a major detox. "It's no sweets, no red meat, no wheat, no alcohol, no fried food, no dairy except for cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt. But this is a milder version—like, I can fall off the wagon one day a week," she said.


She's All About Portion Control

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Padma revealed to Women's Health that she has a simple trick for eating right and not overeating. She splits her plate into halves consisting of 50 percent fruits and vegetables; 50 percent simple carbs, starch, and lean protein.


Her Diet Is Mostly Plant-Based

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While she eats pretty much everything while filming Top Chef, during her down time she tries to limit her diet to plant based foods with a little bit of chicken, fish, ground turkey, and veal, she told Women's Health. 


She Hydrates


Padma stays away from alcohol and chugs H2O instead. "I drink a lot of water—three liters a day," she told Health. "I can tell by how much I'm peeing."


She Prioritizes Her Health

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Diabetes runs in her family, so Padma keeps tabs on her weight and blood sugar levels with the help of a professional before and after each season. "My parents are diabetic," she revealed to Women's Health, adding that she takes a preventive medication to regulate blood-sugar levels while she's filming. "Those chefs are cooking to win, so they're putting in as much lard and butter and salt as they can," she said. 


She Works Out Daily

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Padma works out at least five times a week for 90 minutes, she told Women's Health. She loves jump roping, revealing to Women's Health that she does about 35 minutes or 2,000 strokes every day.  She also does strength training, including weight lifting, including classic squats, lunges, and dumbbell curls, two or three times a week. "He's there to watch my form, and he spends most of his time telling me not to do something," she said about her trainer Tony. 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, or slide board are also part of her routine. Some days she will go to boxing at Mendez Boxing for an hour, and once "all warm," heads to pilates. "I started going to Pilates a few years ago, because my chiropractor recommended it for my back," she told Women's Health. "Pilates changed my body. It made me strong in places I didn't know I needed to be. I have a" backside "now that I didn't have during my modeling career!"


She's Not Into Yoga

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There is one workout you won't find Padma doing. "I'm the only Indian who doesn't do yoga," she admitted to Health about the one workout she avoids. "It's hard on my joints, but that's me. I think yoga is great for a lot of people—it's certainly worked for Madonna. I think it's also because I'm Indian, and whenever I go to do a class and I hear a Western person say those Sanskrit words, in workout wear, in a context that I frankly don't associate with those words—because I'm Hindu—it's just my own thing."


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