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Paige VanZant in Bathing Suit is "Where the Wild Things Are"

Here are the rules she follows to stay fit.

Paige VanZant is showing off her wild swimwear style. The wrestler heads to the jungle to reenact Where the Wild Things Are via her latest Instagram post, flaunting her famous figure in an animal print swimsuit. "Find me where the wild things are," she captioned the social media snaps. How does the MMA fighter keep herself fit? She recently revealed the rules she follows to our sister site Eat This, Not That! Read on to see 7 of Paige VanZant's top rules for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Rule #1: Exercise Outdoors

Paige does train indoors at gyms, but she also encourages heading outside to break a sweat al fresco. "Go on walks or hikes somewhere with pretty scenery or find a place that's peaceful where you can enjoy being active in the environment," she suggests."When you surround yourself with sights you enjoy, it distracts from the fact that you're working out."


Rule #2: Fuel Your Body

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Paige refuses to starve herself. Instead she fuels up on healthy food."If I don't eat enough it has the opposite effect on my body. I'm literally always hungry and always eating something healthy to fuel my body," she said. 


Rule #3: Cheat

Paige encourages the occasional cheat meal."Whether you're trying to lose weight, or just want to stay fit and healthy, I think it's important to treat yourself in moderation," she explained. "If I deprive myself of good treats then I'm not happy, and when I'm not happy it's hard to stay positive. When I allow myself sweets in small amounts, it also prevents binge eating, which makes me feel sick afterward."


Rule #4: Don't Focus On the Wrong Numbers

There are numbers you should pay attention to, but not the ones on the scale. "Don't stress yourself out about numbers on the scale," she said."Set goals, but understand muscle weighs more than fat so the number on the scale might even go up as you get more fit. To measure my success, I go by how my clothes fit."


Rule #5: Make Substitutions


One of Paige's diet tricks? "I'll substitute tofu for chicken when I'm cooking curry and trick myself into eating more veggies by adding spices. It helps big time," she dished. 


Rule #6: Make Exercise Fun

A huge rule Paige follows is to make sure she is having fun with exercise. "To keep things interesting, find a fun kickboxing class or another workout or class you enjoy," she says. "Whether it's weight lifting by yourself or a weekly Zumba class with your friend, it doesn't matter. Just find something you like that keeps you active."


Rule #7: Hydrate

Paige also emphasizes an important rule for everyone: Hydration. "Most people don't drink the amount of water their bodies require," she explains. "When you're hydrated, everything works better and you feel better, too." For more of Paige's tips, head over to Eat This, Not That!

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