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Pamela Anderson in Bathing Suit From 90s Has Us Flashing Back

Here's how she stays fit.

Pamela Anderson is a pop culture icon, and now she's kinda a…hero. A miniseries based on her life, specifically her romance with drummer Tommy Lee, entitled Pam & Tommy, was just released on Hulu, and she's the protagonist. "Sometimes you admire qualities in people that you feel you're lacking, or you want to be more like," said Lily James, who plays Anderson, to Variety. "And I've always felt there was this boldness to Pamela, this unashamed kind of authenticity. And even without knowing exactly what went on and the details of the tape, just who she kind of stands for, it feels so brave." What were Anderson's fitness secrets? Read on to see 5 ways Pamela Anderson stays in shape and the throwback photos that prove they've always work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's Vegetarian

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Anderson is one of the most prominent celebrity animal rights activists. She is a spokeswoman for PETA and promotes vegan fashion. She is also open about being a vegetarian, and adapted this lifestyle after her father, a hunter, put a carcass in their garage. She said to Healthy Living, "I became aware of the cruelty of slaughterhouses. And gave up meat. I also learned the environmental impact the meat industry has."


She Walks A Lot

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Anderson told People that while she doesn't have a gym membership, she does find a lot of ways to stay active. She says that one of her favorite ways to exercise is going for long walks. "I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum."


She Maintains Her Flexibility

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Anderson tells People that she is extremely flexible, and that she does a lot of exercises to maintain it. "I've always stretched and moved my body with resistance. I like dancing — I was taking ballet in Paris — but I'm double jointed and need to keep my strength. I'm more flexible than strong."


She Isn't Afraid Of Aging

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Being a woman in the industry means a lot of scrutiny, especially as you get older. However, Anderson tells Harper's Bazaar that she embraces her aging. "I look at my friends and they're beautiful, and my mom and my Auntie Vie—I was raised by really, fun exciting women. My family didn't have anything, but they always had a beautiful table set and they were always glamorous hosts. They didn't have anything but they still had the negligees, the eyeliner, the wigs. And you're just as old as you feel."


She Swears By Coconut Oil


Anderson told Harper's Bazaar that she is a "coconut oil fanatic." She says that she incorporates the product as much as she can into her daily routine. "I think it's really good for your skin, good for your hair, good for everything, from the inside out. And I just use coconut oil that you buy at the store to cook with, and I leave it in the shower or I soak it when I'm in the bathtub so it melts and I'll use it all just as moisturizer for my face, my body, my hair, everything."

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