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Pamela Anderson in Bathing Suit Says "It's About Time"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Pamela Anderson is a pop culture icon. She's best known for her role in Baywatch, her work with PETA, and recently made her Broadway debut in the long-running show, Chicago. Anderson also launched her own swimwear line. She channeled her old Baywatch days in her Instagram post announcing the collaboration. In it, Anderson stood in the ocean wearing a red swimsuit. She captioned the post, "After all… It's about time – I have been so excited to share this with you – I'm horrible at keeping a secret – Time went so slowly… But today after a long year – I can tell you. All my favorite ideas and tricks of the trade – All mixed into my swimwear collaboration with @frankiesbikinis." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Pamela Anderson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Walks

Anderson opened up about her fitness routine to People, and it was pretty surprising. "I don't work out much," she reveals. Anderson says that she instead opts for low-impact exercises like walking. "I walk on the beach," she says. "And I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum." Harvard Health states that walking has a lot of benefits. "Harvard researchers looked at 32 obesity-promoting genes in over 12,000 people to determine how much these genes actually contribute to body weight. They then discovered that, among the study participants who walked briskly for about an hour a day, the effects of those genes were cut in half."


She Works On Her Flexibility

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Anderson tells People that she prioritizes having flexibility. She shared some of her favorite ways to do so in the interview. "I've always stretched and moved my body with resistance," she says. "I like dancing — I was taking ballet in Paris — but I'm double jointed and need to keep my strength. I'm more flexible than strong."


She Intermittent Fasts


Prior to making her debut in Chicago, Anderson did an interview with Vogue. In it, she opened up about her wellness and diet. Anderson is a fan of intermittent fasting. "I only eat between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m," she says. "It just makes me feel so great and energized." John Hopkins Medicine states, "Studies discovered that intermittent fasting boosts working memory in animals and verbal memory in adult humans."


She Takes Vitamins

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In addition to eating healthy, Anderson also likes to take supplements. She tells Vogue that she sought help from a doctor to give her the right ones. "I've got a great doctor in L.A. who has given me this great vitamin regimen. I'm taking them, and eating healthy as I'm vegan." Vitamins are a great and easy way of getting more nutrients into your diet.


She's Motivated

Anderson has a lot of motivation. She shared how she stayed motivated during Chicago to Vogue. "I have this funny saying I've been doing lately where when I'm exhausted and my feet feel like they're going to break, I just think, 'What would Serena Williams do right now?' She wouldn't quit! I say, 'What do champions do? Get back out there, stop complaining,' to myself. I feel really driven and it's funny."

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