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Paris Hilton in Bathing Suit is "Sliving in Malibu"

Here is how she looks half her age

Paris Hilton is heating up the beach in her swimsuit! The heiress, joined by a few of her furry friends, shows off her fabulous figure via her latest Instagram post. "Hi! I'm Dory 🐠 #Sliving in Malibu with my @HiltonPets," she captioned a video clip. How does she make 41 look like 21? Read on to see 8 of Paris Hilton's top tips for staying in shape both mentally and physically and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Take Supplements

Paris recently invested in Viome, a precision health and wellness company that makes personalized supplements via blood testing. "I rely daily on my Viome supplements because, like I mentioned, they're specifically formulated with the exact vitamins and minerals that I need," she told Who What Wear.  She also explained the process. "You do an at-home test, and then you send it in, and they get back to you with your results and the supplements that they recommend. It's such an easy process, and it's great because it just takes all of the guesswork out of it. You're only taking what you really need, and it's all made custom for you."


Eat Superfoods

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As part of the program, she also follows food recommendations. "I'm also sticking to the Viome food recommendations—which ones I should minimize, what I should try to avoid, which foods are my personal superfoods—and I just really think I've been feeling and looking my best ever since I started. I feel so healthy and have way more energy. I've learned so much—like, one type of vegetable can be really healthy and great for one person, and then it can actually not be so great for another person. So it's been interesting to find out exactly what type of body type that I had for certain types of foods," she said. "And then one of the biggest things that has made a difference in my skin is the food I eat—I really believe outer beauty starts from within, so I've been using Viome's nutrition recommendations to feel my healthiest, eating lots of superfoods, and then also taking their supplements, which has just made such a difference."


Get Lots of Sleep


Paris makes sure to get her beauty sleep. "Sleep is so important," she told Well+Good. "I notice such a huge difference from when I used to have nightmares and not get sleep, because it would affect my entire day and I would be exhausted and not in a good mood. When I do get [good] sleep, I feel awake and energized and happy and in a way better mood." She added to the Wall Street Journal that she once suffered from "very bad insomnia" but the process of filming her documentary was "healing" and ended her nightmares. "For sleep, I probably need eight to 10 hours to feel really great the next day. My hours have changed so much; I used to be up so late at night and traveling 250 days out of the year and deejaying very late-night sets, so I used to wake up a lot later," she said. 


Don't Diet

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Paris doesn't diet, she revealed to People. "I just don't think I could go for 40 days without something. If I did, I'd probably just give up chocolate and McDonald's. I've never tried to give up anything before. I don't like diets. My weaknesses are cotton candy and French fries," she said. Instead, she is all about healthy eating. "I get up around 7 a.m., it's the first day of the week, so I like to be on top of everything since I have so much to do. The first thing I do when I wake up is play with my puppies…. Then I'll go down to the kitchen and make breakfast for my puppies and myself," she told the Wall Street Journal. "I love cooking breakfast. It's one of my favorite meals. One of my favorite things to cook is banana French toast, so that with fresh-squeezed orange juice and Rice Krispies or Lucky Charms. It's my favorite breakfast." 


Remember That Beauty Comes From Within

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If you want to stay forever young like Paris, focus on the insides. "I believe that beauty is really on the inside, and if you are kind and have a big heart, your beauty will shine through," she told Who What Wear.


Prioritize Self-Care


Paris prioritizes self-care. "I like to go to my spa at my house—I love to be in there. It just helps me relax and gives me energy. It's something really easy for me to do since it's right downstairs," she told Who What Wear. "And then at night, to help me relax, I like to get a massage and listen to this thing called Liquid Mind on Spotify that is just this music that really relaxes your mind."


Stay Active Outdoors


Paris loves staying fit outdoors. "For exercise, I don't go to a gym or anything like that—I like to be outdoors, hiking with my dogs or going surfing or skiing. I love doing sports," she told Who What Wear.

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