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Paris Hilton in Neon Dress Celebrates "That Friday Feeling"

That’s hot. Neon hot.

That's hot, Paris Hilton once said. She may as well have been talking about herself. Hilton just posted a photo and captioned it "Neon Queen. Hope you make today and every day #ELECTRIC #ThatFridayFeeling #Iconic #ThatsHot." How does Paris look the same as she did when she first got famous? Read on to see 7 ways Paris Hilton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Really Values Sleep

"Sleep is so important. I notice such a huge difference from when I used to have nightmares and not get sleep, because it would affect my entire day and I would be exhausted and not in a good mood. When I do get [good] sleep, I feel awake and energized and happy and in a way better mood," she told Well+Good.


This is Her Wind-Down Routine

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"I just lay in bed with my dogs, and we watch Netflix to start winding down. I like cartoons and comedy—really anything that puts me in a good mood and makes me laugh. Then I take my R3SET Unwind supplement and drink chamomile tea," she told Well+Good.


She Has a Machine That Seems to Exercise for Her

"​​I bought this thing called a Neurotris Full Body System, and I'm obsessed. I don't work out because I just don't have time, and I'm not really into it. So when I'm getting a facial, I just lie there and this machine attaches to your body and is basically like doing a million sit-ups. You just lie down and relax, but your whole body's being worked out the whole time. I think that's an amazing hack for working out and not actually having to do anything," she told Glamour.


This is Her Favorite Thing to Cook


"My favorite is my Sliving Lasagne. I love cooking lasagna. I'll be coming out with a lot more Cooking With Paris videos soon—I've been doing a lot of cooking, since I have a lot of time now. My favorite dessert to cook is banana bread, which I just started cooking during quarantine. I love it. But I add in way more bananas, way more sugar, and honey on top, and sprinkles, and call it Sliving Banana Bread," she told Glamour.


This is Her Favorite Beauty Hack

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

"Since I was a little girl my mom always taught me to stay out of the sun and really understand the importance of taking care of your skin. That's why I hired these brilliant scientists to create my own skin-care line, called Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. The results are just epic. I love everything, but I'm obsessed with the eye cream. If you have any puffiness or if you're tired, your eyes immediately look like they've been photoshopped. It's crazy. The ProD.N.A. Recovery Serum, it's like the fountain of youth. As soon as you put it on, your skin just looks so glowing and smooth. It's just perfect," she told Glamour.


She is Very Tongue in Cheek About Exercise

"Since they just shut down all of the gyms again, I thought it would be a fun video to post of how people could work out at home—with of course my Paris twist to it," she says. "I never really work out in real life, because I am constantly so busy that my life is like a work out. Shopping is my cardio," she told Vogue during lockdown.


She Cut Down on Fast Food

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Paris used to love drive-thru burgers. She lost weight avoiding them. "I lost about five pounds just from staying away from the Drive-Thrus," the blonde told MailOnline exclusively. 'I can feel the difference especially when I'm in a bathing suit." She continued: "I used to eat that way, but I decided to change things this year,' she said. 'Now I don't do that. There are times when I will stop at a Carl's Jr, but I will maybe get a turkey burger or something healthier instead of a cheeseburger and fries. I am more careful now."

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