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Paulina Krupińska in Bathing Suit Says "Have a Nice Day"

She never goes to the gym.

Polish pageant queen Paulina Krupińska is reminding her many fans and admirers to "have a nice day." Krupińska, 35, shared a picture of herself posing in the sunshine in a black strapless bathing suit and tan straw hat, her hair tied back into a bun with a blue ribbon. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Krupińska stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Lots of Walking

Krupińska's favorite method of exercise is plenty of walking, which was also her most effective pre-and-postpartum activity. "Thanks to Tosia, I walk 10 km [6.2 miles] a day," she says. "First I go to my friends, then we walk together, then I walk back to my place. I didn't do any special exercises during pregnancy, but after giving birth I was able to walk with a pram from Śródmieście to Wilanów and still walk around the estate."


Daily Treat

Krupińska allows herself sweets once in a while as part of a balanced diet. "I have a weakness for sweets, but maybe it's not a weakness in the full sense of the word," she says. "I believe that we should provide ourselves with a dose of pleasure in the form of sweets every day, so that we do not eat two bars of chocolate after a week."


Progress Over Perfection

Krupińska refuses to follow restrictive diets or punishing exercise routines, instead making sensible choices. "Never in my life will I torture myself with a diet or sit for hours in the gym to have a perfect figure," she says. "I feel good with myself."


Outdoor Fun

Krupińska loves being outdoors with her family, especially cycling and taking long walks. "This figure is the result of running with children, doing a minimum of 13 km [8 miles] a day with a pram for 3 years, picking up children, putting them away, giving toys," she says. "It's still cardio, so genes and active time spent with kids."


Pickled Cucumbers

Krupińska's favorite snack is her mother's pickled cucumbers. "I live 20 km [12.4 miles] from my mother, but I always bring cucumber or broth from her," she says. "And for the winter we get 60 jars of pickled cucumbers. The best!"

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