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Paulina Porizkova in Bathing Suit and More Star Snaps From This Week

These stars had fun this week, and they’ve got photos to prove it. 

Some of us work for the weekends. Some celebs seem to turn everyday into a weekend, judging by their Instagram posts from the beach, movie premieres or lavish backyards. From Paulina Porizkova to Lady Gaga, read on to see all the ways these celebs stay in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Paulina Porizkova

The legendary supermodel posed in a white bikini while enjoying her beach vacation. She also revealed in the caption that she had come to some realizations about self-acceptance during her vacation, and credited Sarah Jessica Parker with helping her come to this realization. "​​I flash on Carmen Del'Orefice's words regarding cosmetic interventions, 'If you had the ceiling falling down in your living room,' Dell'Orefice said, 'would you not go and have a repair?' She has a good point. If you CAN fix it, why wouldn't you? I battle with this all the time. Because sometimes I DO want to fix it. But more often, I think CAN and SHOULD are two separate things. Or at least, they should be. To me, the alarming part is that the assumption here is that our aging faces are 'falling down ceilings', that there is something wrong with aging – for WOMEN. That there is something wrong with your face if it shows your age. If you're a WOMAN.Certainly, part of it is biology. Women become invisible when no longer fertile. In the caveman days- that may have made sense. Men were pretty sure to be dead by the time their seed was of questionable quality – just picture an old dude hunting- and figure who's gonna go down first if things go wrong. Meanwhile, the older woman, safe in a cave, and freed from being a baby maker , could still cook and heal and nurture. The problem is we no longer live in caves. The men that run our world today (big brains- small muscles) would have never made it past childhood in the olden days.It's called evolution.So come on ladies, let's not be left behind." 




Singer Kesha has never been afraid to show off her body in her music videos and her social media. This week, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself climbing a tree naked, with the caption, "I'm not extra, you are." Her trainer, Kit Rich, tells Shape that the singer loves to do Pilates. "My type of workout creates a long and lean looking athlete," Rich says. "I want women to feel powerful, empowered, and energized. With Kesha, I've noticed such an improvement in strength. With Pilates, she has improved quickly. The moves are very intricate and specific, and she really loves it. She requests it every time she comes."


Molly Sims

Model Molly Sims didn't have to do carpooling this week, and she celebrated by looking stunning in an autumn outfit. Sims is known for her incredible figure, and she tells Women's Health that she eats healthy to maintain her figure. One of Sims' secrets is avoiding sugar in her diet. "I tend to stay away from anything super sugary, like orange juice grapefruit juice, because it really spikes me," she said. "I try to stay away from dried fruits; it's ultimately full of sugar."


Helena Christensen

Model Helena Christensen shared snaps from behind the scenes at one of her shoots on Instagram this week. The 52 year old stunner wore a tight black one-piece, showing off her figure and her long legs. Despite being a model, Christensen tells Allure that she's never been on a stereotypical "model diet." In fact, she says that she eats what she wants. "I'm not the kind of person who will limit myself to any kind of food. I could not live without bread and pasta. I eat real butter and drink whole milk. And I'm obsessed with Japanese food and Moroccan stews. So when I think about working out, yes, it's good for the mind — but it's also because I eat a hell of a lot of food."


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga celebrated the premiere of her new movie, House of Gucci, this week. The singer stunned in a purple flowy dress while walking the red carpet. According to The New York Times, Gaga loves to do yoga, specifically bikram yoga. She's even posted photos on Instagram of herself practicing yoga. 



Actress Zendaya received the prestigious Icon Award at this year's CDFAs. And she proved why she deserved the award by wearing a stunning Vera Wang red gown that exposed her midriff. When it comes to her diet, Zendaya has been open about being a vegetarian. However, she revealed to UsWeekly that this choice isn't always easy for her. "I am a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables too much – makes it challenging!"


Taylor Swift

This was a big week for Taylor Swift, as her re-recorded version of her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite album, Red, was released this week. When it comes to her daily diet, Swift admits that she doesn't really stick to a plan. "I allow myself to eat what common sense tells me is bad for me. I like comfort foods," she tells WebMD. 

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