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Pilar Rubio in Bathing Suit Celebrates "10 MILLONES de Followers!!!"

Her workout, diet, and wellness routines.  

Spanish TV star Pilar Rubio is absolutely thrilled to hit a social media milestone—she just reached 10 million followers on Instagram and is clearly over the moon. Rubio, 45, shared a picture of herself looking stunning in a black bikini, thanking fans for their support. "10 MILLION followers!!! You always accompany me in every step I take… I would love to be able to thank you for your support one on one. I feel very loved and happy. 10 million THANKS 🙏🏽❤️," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Rubio stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Training Six Days a Week

Rubio's favorite exercise is weight hip thrusts. "I usually train six hours a week, so six days, one hour each day," she says. "Of the 24 hours that I have a day, I can somehow steal that hour or those three-quarters of an hour. Sometimes I have to do it at seven in the morning, other times at eleven at night and others at noon, which is when I like it the most, yes I'm not going to lie. Due to our profession, in the end we are traveling, we are moving, we do not have a fixed schedule and you have to adapt to this routine. But it's what energizes me, what recharges my batteries and what keeps me going. I need it, it's my therapy."


Working Out With Personal Trainer

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Rubio works out with personal trainer Noe Todea. "I spend an hour a day with her, sometimes more, and we have a very good relationship," she says. "That good harmony is transmitted to your body, it makes the training flow. I recommend getting advice from a good professional so as not to waste time, whether in a gym or doing an exercise that we see on the networks at home. It is better to read a lot and ask those who know, because perhaps you are executing an exercise poorly or giving 50% of yourself where you could be giving 100%".


Carbs For Strength Training

Rubio keeps a balanced approach to her diet. "Every month I have an approach to what I'm going to eat," she says. "Talking with Elisa, my nutritionist, I can prepare a menu with more carbohydrates because I'm going to do a lot more strength training… And that's how I prepare my pantry. I usually do my shopping online, which has really solved things for me, because I don't have to go to the supermarket to buy brown rice, quinoa… Once a week I go to the market to buy fresh produce."


World Traveler

MADRID, SPAIN – APRIL 25: Pilar Rubio presents the new 2023 Selmark Swimwear collection "Mare" at Finca La Gaivotaon April 25, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by )Borja B. Hojas/WireImage

Rubio loves to travel, with one of her favorite spots being Los Angeles. "When I can, I get away, but I never go back to a recurring place, but I take advantage of the fact that the world is very rich and has many things to offer," she says. "I like to immerse myself in new stimuli and learn from other cultures… Whenever I go to Los Angeles I get lost in a restaurant: Rainbow Bar & Grill. It's where they put the best pizzas in the world."


Best Version of Herself

Rubio has a holistic approach to health and wellness. "It is simply knowing when you have to eat, knowing how to recognize the foods that will give you a certain amount of energy, knowing how to know yourself to optimize your resources and your potential, finding the best version of yourself," she says. "And where do we start? For making all day-to-day actions positive, finding something good in everything you do and optimizing time. Since I applied this way of living, feeling, thinking and above all acting with myself, I feel much better and that is why I wanted to share it."

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