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Pip Edwards Shows Off Bathing Suit "Poolside"

The Australian fashion mogul lounged by the water.

It's currently springtime in Australia, which means residents are soaking up the sun and breaking out their swimwear. Australian fashion designer Pip Edwards is no exception. Edwards posted a new photo on Instagram of her lounging by the pool. Edwards wore a strapless orange, yellow, and white bikini, showing off her swimsuit body. Read on to see 5 ways Pip Edwards stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Makes Time For Self-Care


Edwards tells Body and Soul that she makes time for self-care. She says that she does a lot of body treatments regularly. "Acupuncture is a new thing for me and I'm obsessed. I always try to do at least one sauna and swim a week at Icebergs in Bondi. I also love to get a Thai massage once a week."


She Practices Meditation

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Edwards tells Body and Soul that she tries to practice meditation at least once a day. "I try to get 20 minutes in. When I was really on top of it I was doing it twice a day morning and night. I even try to have a few long deep breaths between meetings to reset between the stress."


She Takes Care Of Her Body

Edwards has a busy, stressful schedule, and she does procedures at home to prevent herself from getting too stressed out or injured. She says to Body and Soul, "I have a Theragun at home and a roller ready to go and a sauna and swim combo is incredible when I get into a regular rhythm."


She Gets Exercise In

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Edwards tells Body and Soul that she makes sure to stay active throughout the week, and she has her favorite exercises. "I try and do Pilates three times a week, but no less than twice a week. I love doing the Bondi to Bronte or harbour walks to get my body moving. And I try and squeeze in some cardio at the gym by doing a 20 minute cycle on the bike, low resistance."


She Eats Healthy Throughout The Day


When Elle asked Edwards how she maintained her summer body, the fashion designer revealed that she makes sure to eat healthy all day. Edwards says that her typical diet is, "For breakfast I have boiled eggs and Tabasco with a skim mocha, then lunch is soup or a salad with another coffee. Trail mix in the afternoon and crackers with Vegemite and cottage cheese for a snack. Chicken and veggies or bolognese or something else hearty for dinner, then I snack into the night—liquorice tea, cashews with dates, yoghurt with cashews and if I have a real sugar craving, I'll tuck into a lot of Darrel Lea liquorice!"


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