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Poppy Delevingne in Bathing Suit is "Looking Beautiful"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Poppy Delevingne is partying on a boat in Ibiza! The model shows off her fabulous figure in a black swimsuit, perfectly coordinating with her pals, during a boat ride near the Spanish island. "Looking beautiful," wrote one of her followers, while many others simply commented with fire emojis. How does the 36-year-old maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 5 ways Poppy Delevingne stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Her Diet Is Healthy, But Balanced

Poppy maintains a healthy and balanced diet. "I eat meat, dairy, and tons of fruits and vegetables, but I could also have pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Basically I'm a massive foodie who eats everything in moderation," she dished to Harper's Bazaar. A typical breakfast for her? "Granola with almond milk or a homemade bacon butty—white bread, crispy bacon, and HP brown sauce," she revealed. For lunch she might have a deli sandwich, and for dinner? "I go out about four nights a week. I'm really into Lebanese, Japanese, and Indian cuisines. At home I make spaghetti Bolognese or chili con carne. Dinner is my favorite meal because I have a cocktail—a vodka soda with lime or a Dark 'n' Stormy with whiskey. I drink a lot of beer too, which is so unladylike," she said. 


She Doesn't Work Out a Lot

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Poppy doesn't have to devote too much time to exercise. "I'm lucky to have a fast metabolism, so I haven't had to exercise much. I go to the gym at Grace Belgravia in London, where I work out with personal trainer Rob Jeffers. Right now we're focusing on my arms. I also love to dance—around my house, when I go out. I never stop moving," she told Harper's Bazaar. 


She Sleeps When She Can


Aside from "eating really well, a good skin routine and good hair routine" Poppy maintains that getting enough sleep is the key to looking great. "Sleeping when you're not working," is how she balances out her busy career. "Having hibernation weekends where I just sleep for hours on end. Working out when you have those spare moments. All of that is very important," she told Vogue Australia.


She Prefers Short But Intense Workouts

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"I have a lot of energy. Energy's a very huge thing in our family; none of us need caffeine, we're just high-energy people. Sometimes I need to work that out otherwise it's like a bomb that's going to explode," she told Vogue. She prefers short but intense workouts. "If I'm in America…I will track down the nearest Soul Cycle wherever that is and I'll just power through on a bike for 45 minutes. It just gets you going and it gets you hot. When I'm in the UK I have a personal trainer who is wonderful and she's hard-core and makes sure I get up in the morning and go.


She Likes to Work Out Alone

Poppy prefers exercising solo. "I like to work out alone. I'm not a group exercise person. I don't mind if I'm with people I don't know but my worst nightmare is bumping into people looking like a sweaty tomato and having to make polite conversation. I'd rather be a loner worker outer," she confessed to Get the Gloss.

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