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Pro Snowboarder Marion Haerty Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Summer At Home"

How to train like a world champion.

French pro snowboarder Marion Haerty took some time away from the snowy slopes to enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and swimming back home near Chamonix, France. Haerty, 31, shared a reel of herself spending lots of outdoors time with friends, including a glimpse of herself wearing a swimsuit as she took a dip in a big pond. "Summer at home 🥰," she captioned the post.  Haerty is the snowboard Freeride World Champion of 2017, 2019, 2020 & 2022—here's what she does to keep winning, and more importantly, have the time of her life.


Wakeboarding and Skateboarding

Haerty loves wakeboarding when she's not snowboarding. "When the snowboard season is over, the cable parks in France begin to open," she says. "If I would like to follow all of the wakeboard contests, it wouldn't be possible because many of them are during the winter in Thailand, Australia etc. I like skateboarding as well, especially in the bowl! During the summer I spend my time mostly on my wakeboard when I'm not in school or with a job. I'll ride something like one week in Les 2 Alpes for a summer camp with Rip Curl!"


Meditation Before An Event

Marion Haerty/Instagram

Haerty meditates to relax before competing. "When preparing I focus on strategy, riding fast and playing with the snow. I don't want to injure myself so I take extra precautions when training," she says. "I enjoy being out of my comfort zone and am aware that my limit is going to be 5 years on the world tour, so I also ride to not be injured and I try to push forward every year. Of course, when I'm scared the day before, I try to meditate and relax, so I am super happy when I'm on the snow."


Yoga Sessions

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Haerty has developed a deep appreciation for yoga and all the benefits that come from regular practice. "The more I grow the more I realize how important it is to have balance in my daily sports routine," she captioned an Instagram post. "On & Off. Finding commitment in activities but also on a personal level starts with learning to listen, being aware of all senses and thinking about one thing at a time. During the first lockdown I had made yoga a morning routine, a time for me or the focus revolves around the present moment. I was coming out with vitality like I had never felt before, some would say this is a fad, but for me it has become a source of refocus and everyday well-being."


Challenging Mother Nature

Haerty wanted to push her limits even further with freeriding. "I'm still happy to travel, to meet people and to discover other spots," she says. "I rode the world championship in Kreischberg, it was super interesting to see the other girls ride slopestyle and to ride this big slopestyle course! I would like to ride this more often!  I'm in love with riding powder but if I want to go into the Freeride World Tour later I need to have more experience about mountain practice. Freeriding is much more dangerous compared to slopestyle, Mother Nature is harder with you."


Lots of Vegetables

Haerty limits meat when she wants to feel her best. "Every day I try a new exercise because I need to have fun and I get bored easily," she says. "With diet, I try to keep healthy by cooking lots of vegetables and eating less meat. Otherwise, I like to take my time with reading books, meditating and doing yoga."

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