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Rebecca Judd in Bathing Suit Says "Broome You Were Magic"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Rebecca Judd just got back from vacation. She just posted a new highlight reel of the trip on Instagram, with her in a swimsuit. In it, Judd enjoyed time at the beach and in the fresh air. She captioned the post, "14 nights in paradise with family and friends. Broome you were magic. Never a cloud in the sky. Never a day under 28 degrees. Simply unbeatable at this time of year." Read on to see 5 ways Rebecca Judd stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out At Home In The Mornings

Judd revealed her wellness secrets in an interview with Body & Soul. She says that she likes to workout at home. With Judd's busy schedule, she says that she likes to workout in the mornings. "I'm glad to say I've been really consistent with my home workout sessions lately. I feel that getting them done early in the morning is such a good way to start the day with zest."


She Takes Supplements


Judd takes a lot of supplements. She revealed what she takes to Body & Soul. "I take a strong Life Space probiotic daily. If my iron is low I take an iron supplement but it hasn't been too bad lately (I was quite anaemic when I was pregnant with my twins), I take Sambuccol cold and flu tablets if I feel I'm going to get sick and it usually stops it in its tracks. The same goes for Bioceuticals Armaforce. If my kids are sick and I feel like I'm on the verge I can usually nip it in the bud straight away. It's like magic. I also take Metamucil capsules for extra fibre and Vitalgreens when I'm really busy with work and travelling (ahhh those were the days) and I don't feel I'm getting the vitamins and nutrients I need."


She Eats Healthy Dinners

Sam Tabone/WireImage

Judd revealed her go-to dinner to Body & Soul. She says that she eats a healthy balanced meal. "A protein (usually salmon, roast chicken, lamb or an eye fillet steak), a carb (usually rice, quinoa or potatoes) and vegetables (either a salad or steamed/roasted veggies). Simple but delicious and easy."


She Has Treatments

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Judd struggles with back and hip pain. She tells Body & Soul that she likes to have certain treatments done to help with her pain. "I have really tight hip flexors with referred pain to my lower back, so I receive osteo treatment or myotherapy to loosen them off. I will see a chiropractor from time to time as well.


She Does Cardio Tennis Classes

Mackenzie Sweetnam/Getty Images

Judd makes sure to do cardio workouts. She revealed her favorite class to News AU. Judd likes to take a tennis workout class. "It's a cardio workout where the music blares, the coach just feeds you balls, you do awesome drills with lots of running and it's 60 minutes that goes so quickly," she says. 

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