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Ricki-Lee in Bathing Suit "Goes to the Beach"

The singer stunned in a patterned swimsuit.

Aussie singer Ricki-Lee is enjoying the country's summer weather. Ricki-Lee decided to spend time at one of the country's well-known, gorgeous beaches. And she also wanted to prepare for any cold breezes that might go in. Lee posted a stunning photo on Instagram of herself posing with the gorgeous scenery in the background. She looked stunning as well, wearing a gray patterned bikini and a black coat. Ricki-Lee captioned the photo, "When you go to the beach but you're also worried it might get cold." Read on to see 6 ways Ricki-Lee stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's Letting Go Of The Past

It's a New Year, which means everyone wants to try to move forward, and be a better version of themselves. Ricki-Lee also posted on Instagram the mindset that she has in the New Year. Ricki-Lee posted a photo of this quote, "2022 mindset: Let go of what is gone. Be grateful for what remains. Look forward to what's coming."


She's Dedicated

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In 2015, Ricki-Lee revealed some of her weight loss secrets on Instagram. Ricki-Lee says that her main secret is staying consistent. "I'm not one of those girls who is naturally thin and can eat whatever I want. I am consistent with the food I eat day in day out and I work my ass off in the gym … literally!"


She Isn't Afraid To Indulge

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In the same Instagram post, Ricki-Lee says that while she is dedicated to her healthy lifestyle, she does let herself cheat occasionally. "I go through phases where I let go a little bit and relax my training and indulge in my guilty pleasures more than usual … we all do! And I think it's good for the soul to do that."


She Plans Her Cheat Days

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On Instagram, Ricki-Lee says that she does plan out what days she decides to indulge and cheat on her diet. She says that this helps her know how much workouts she has to do. "I plan my 'cheat meals' and work hard to earn them and I savor every mouthful! And then I'm sweating it off the next day in the gym." 


She's Honest With Herself

Ricki-Lee writes on Instagram that she needs to be honest with herself, and that she doesn't beat with herself up when she falls off. "We can be our own worst enemy sometimes … the key is to be kind to yourself and honest with yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day, just get back on the horse and keep going! If you believe in yourself … you really are unstoppable."


She Goes For A Run First Thing In The Morning

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Ricki-Lee tells Body and Soul that she likes to exercise first thing in the morning. "When I wake up I have a coffee in bed and then I go for a one hour run, five to six mornings a week," she says. "And honestly, that's how I start my day. If I don't go for a run, I don't feel good."

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