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Rochelle Humes in Bathing Suit Has "Midweek Check Out"

Here’s the workout she swears by.

British singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes is reminding fans how important it is to switch off every now and then and check out. Humes, 34, shared a selfie where she's posing in front of a mirror in a black two-piece swimsuit, looking fresh-faced and relaxed. "I took some time just for me and I'm so grateful for it. Let's make midweek check outs a thing," she wrote on the selfie. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Humes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Green Juice For Breakfast

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Humes starts the day with homemade green juice. "In the morning I'll have a juice to start off the day – that might be a fresh orange, but from the juicer," she says. "I like apple, carrot, ginger and I actually have celery straight sometimes. It's really good for you and my skin really notices when I haven't had it. I've been having that for a couple of years. Bizarrely, celery isn't my favorite thing in the world but I'm now really used to it and I like it."


She Treats Herself At Dinner

Lunch and dinner are Humes's favorite meals of the day. "I'm not the biggest breakfast person – I'm more about lunch and dinner," she says. "I'll have maybe a salad for lunch, but it depends where I am. Then in the evening it might be pasta… last night I had salmon and noodles and veg, like a traybake. My evening is my meal where I treat myself."


Pilates Is Her Favorite

Humes loves Pilates, even though she isn't always motivated to get going (relatable!). "Pilates is my favorite form of exercise," she says. "I do feel good after it. As much as I might dread getting up to do it in the morning, I've never ever regretted doing an exercise in my life. You just have to think of afterward. I don't ever want to get up is the truth of it. My alarm will go off or Blake will cry and it's always too early. I never feel like I've had enough sleep, but as soon as I'm up and I'm there and I'm doing it, I feel on form… Because I'm finding whatever I'm doing hard, there's no time to think, so it's kind of a form of escapism for 45 minutes or an hour."


Desert Island Must-Haves

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Humes says she has three desert island must-haves. "Moisturizer – I hate dry skin," she says. "I love Kiehl's. I'd also take a hair treatment – I'm always putting treatments in my hair. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is probably my favorite. And coconut oil! I use it for everything – my hair, my skin, my babies. I take it with me everywhere."


Supplements Now and Then

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Humes uses supplements to support her health and wellness, but admits to not being consistent with them. "I go through phases with supplements," she says. "I think I'm going to stick to it, and then I don't. The only time I ever stick to it is when I'm pregnant, and I know I have to! I try to do a lot of it with food instead. If my iron is a little low, I'll just boost that in what I'm eating, and you do see a difference."

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