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Rosie Fortescue in Bathing Suit Shares "Best of Ibiza"

This is the workout she says changed her life.

Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue is enjoying a sun-soaked vacation at the beautiful Oku resort in Ibiza, Spain. Fortescue, 33, shared pictures of herself posing in front of a mirror in a tan swimsuit, as well as another snap of her wearing a black bikini with matching sarong. "🌴 Best of Ibiza 🌴," she captioned the post. "You look incredible," an admiring fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Fortescue stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Zumba Classes

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Fortescue loves dance-based Zumba classes. "We have a laugh and it's fun, and it's really uplifting and everyone's having a good time," she says. "I feel like some gym classes you go to, like bootcamp for instance, I'm petrified to go because I don't want to be the newbie in the class. But for something like Zumba you can always go and just wing it and have fun, laugh, enjoy it."


Healthy Breakfast

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Fortescue enjoys a hearty, nutritious breakfast every day and avoids white flour. "I start the day with eggs and avocado or porridge with banana and seeds, and as big a cup of coffee as I can get my hands on, made with almond milk," she says. "Throughout the day, I try to eat as clean as I can, most of the time, and avoid eating white flour as much as possible because it makes me very lethargic. I eat good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes – they are great at staving off hunger."


Moderation, Not Restriction

Fortescue is not a fan of replacing meals with shakes—instead, she focuses on a healthy balance. "I don't do the whole protein shake thing," she says. "That's not really something I've got my head around, I don't really understand it that much. Sometimes I'll get them in the gym or I will make them occasionally but I'm not into the religious need to eat protein. If I'm running to a lunch meeting, I'm running to a lunch meeting. If I've got time to go home, I'll try and make something healthy. I won't go to the gym and then nail a pizza but, if I go to the gym on Sunday morning, I'm going to go and eat loads of food because it's a Sunday, and I'm going to the pub and maybe having a roast with friends. It's just all about moderation."


Weight Training

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Fortescue says weight training was a game changer when it comes to her physique. "I work out four or five times per week," she says. "My fitness routine has definitely developed since I first started training. I went from thinking a 40-minute run was fit to now mixing weights with HIIT workouts. Until three years ago when I met my trainer, Mark Garlick, I had never lifted a weight. I just used to do a lot of cardio, which I now realize gave my body very little shape. Weights changed my life."


Mindful of Alcohol

Fortescue makes time for self-care, and avoids drinking too much alcohol. "There's always time for a little pampering," she says. "Facials bring me back to life when I'm feeling stressed or exhausted. I might book one in for around 5pm, or I'll do my own face mask later when I'm home. On Sundays I prioritize having a bath and deep-conditioning my hair over everything else. I love cooking, though I try to eat out with the girls or my twin sister Lily at least once mid-week for a catch-up. I can't take any form of hangover. I'm really health-conscious, so I limit drinking to once or twice a week, and even then I massively struggle the next day."

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