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Samyuktha Hegde in Bathing Suit is "Poolside"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Samyuktha Hegde, star of Kirik Party, is spending a day at the pool. She made sure to get some stunning photos for her Instagram followers. Hegde posted a series of three photos to Instagram. In them, she sat by the pool in a royal blue bikini, looking beautiful. She captioned the post, "Not sure if I was beating the heat or raising the temperature!" Read on to see 5 ways Samyuktha Hegde stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's Vegetarian

Hegde revealed her wellness and skincare secrets in an interview with My Kollywood. She says that she eats pretty healthy, and is a vegetarian. "Maybe it's not seen, but I have a biiiiggggg appetite. And I mostly eat vegetarian food, not saying vegan cause I happen to end up eating cheese sometimes."


She Doesn't Eat Too Much Sugar

Hegde tells My Kollywood that she doesn't have a big sweet tooth. In fact, she says that she flat out hates a lot of sugary food, which helps her eat healthy. "I don't consume too much sugar. Not because it's a diet, but because I haven't liked sweets and chocolates from my highschool days. Now the urge to eat them is veryyy rare."


She Works Out Everyday

Hegde works out every day. She tells My Kollywood that she does this to keep both her body and skin healthy. "I exercise/sweat everyday. This discharges all the toxins and pumps the required endorphins to keep my brain happy and my skin healthy."


She Uses Natural Skin Care Products

Hegde has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She tells My Kollywood that she only uses organic products on her skin. "I do not use any skin care products. Only natural stuff, mostly just aloe vera. And I wash my face with a mild face wash."


She Goes Outside

Hegde loves to go outside, even when the pandemic was happening. In an Instagram post, she encouraged her followers to go outside and get into nature. "Just appreciating the things we can't have right now. Spent a weekend just a few weeks before the lockdown at a place a little off Mangalore. It was just nature and people who really appreciated it. It was so beautiful to just be there and have a piece of nature all to yourself. No city lights, no sky scraping buildings, just tall trees and a sky full of stars. We would do anything for a getaway like that right now right? Anyway, now that we are locked up at home, surrounded by walls all we want is to get out for a breath of fresh air. That's all we care about. SO REMEMBER. When we go back to living our normal lives, remember to be nice to mother earth. This is what gives us life. And to live a life the most important thing is a planet to live on, air to breathe, food and water to survive, everything else is an illusion we have created about things we think we need to survive'. Work towards the things that matter. Be nice to Mother Earth."


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