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Sarah Hyland in Mini Dress Shows Off Fit Figure

Here’s her favorite workout. 

Modern Family and Love Island star Sarah Hyland is highlighting the impact a great pose (and editing!) make to a social media selfie. Hyland, 32, shared pictures of herself posing in the sunshine, wearing a lime green mini dress. "💛🏝️ Instagram Vs. Reality @loveislandusa Tonight!!!" she captioned the post. "Lol love youuuu," commented pal Vanessa Hudgens. Hyland was born with kidney dysplasia and has had two kidney transplants since age 21, which means she takes her health and wellness seriously. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hyland stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.



Lifting Weights With Personal Trainer

Hyland does full body workouts and strength training with personal trainer Chad Landers. "There's a certain component because she's on camera that she wants to look good and be firm, but she really is not afraid to lift weights and to be strong," Landers says. "She loves being strong and getting stronger. I have dozens of exercises that I toss in and out of it to keep her from getting bored, and work things in different planes of motion. Sarah is very dedicated. She really enjoys working out and pushing herself."


Cheese Lover


Hyland absolutely loves cheese, and never restricts herself from enjoying as much as she likes. "One of my favorite cheeses is like this cranberry cheese, it's delicious, I'm obsessed," she says. "And 15 minutes later, I looked down and the entire thing was gone! A brand new wedge of cheese and it was all gone! Who cares! Eat the entire wedge of cheese if you want! If you feel good about yourself, that's really all that matters. Food is a big thing for me, not treating myself with food but allowing myself to be like, 'It's okay, eat the entire thing of cheese.'"


Skin Roller


Hyland uses a face roller as part of her skincare routine. "I use my beauty tool, a face roller, every day no matter what moisturizer or serum I'm using," she says. "The Collagen Peptide24 is formulated to penetrate your skin's surface but I like to use a beauty roller on top of that to get even more penetration. I feel like I'm saying penetrate and penetration way too much now! But when it comes to skincare, it helps stimulate natural collagen production. I just included a jade roller into my actual skin routine."


Pilates Classes


Hyland spent time in Berlin last year, which is where she started taking Pilates classes. "I'm trying to get back in shape to really just feel strong at the end of the day; I haven't been able to work out in such a long time," she says. "I'm back on the bandwagon of Pilates and strength training. I think it's really important for women specifically to diversify their workout routines and not be scared of lifting weights. I always feel really empowered when I'm leg-pressing 150 pounds."


Epsom Salt Baths

Hyland swears by epsom salt baths for relaxation and skin health. "I just really love bath salts; Epsom salt baths are just so amazing," she says. "And depending on what my mood is, I'll add corresponding essential oils to my baths. If I want to relax and feel peace and calm, I'll add lavender oil. If I'm looking to feel energized, maybe I'll add some orange or peppermint essential oil. And after every shower, before I dry off, I put coconut oil all over my body to lock in moisture."

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