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Selling Sunset's Vanessa Villela in Bathing Suit Says "Beauty is Everywhere"

Here are her top diet and fitness tips.

Vanessa Villela is on fire this summer! The Selling Sunset star steamed up social media this week, flaunting her fit-at-44 boy in a tiny pink swimsuit. "Beauty is everywhere, you just have to stop and look around," she captioned the snap. Earlier this year, the reality star exclusively revealed all of her top diet and fitness tips to CelebWell. Read on to see 7 of Vanessa Villela's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Fall in Love with Fitness

If you want to stay motivated at the gym like Vanessa, try falling in love with fitness. "I've always been a fitness lover, especially for the last five years when I faced a hormonal imbalance due to stress, and knowing that fitness can help with all of this made me take it more seriously. I really love it," she told us. 


Don't Diet

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You won't find Vanessa on a crash diet. Instead, she recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle. "I don't really follow any diet but I like to start my first meal with a protein shake with fruit and oatmeal, then I'll eat a salad with protein for lunch and a good dinner with protein, carbs, and veggies," she says. "Then weekends are more relaxed, I don't restrict myself from anything."


Practice Intermittent Fasting and Eat Paleo

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Vanessa is one of the many stars who swear by intermittent fasting. She eats during an eight to 10 hour window. "I do intermittent fasting. I do between 14 to 16 hours of fasting," she explained. She tries to "eat as much as possible while following the Paleo diet for health purposes," she adds. However, she does allow herself to stray. "When I feel like I want something else, I eat, because when I restrict myself it makes me unhappy. I feel that happiness is the key to being healthy and having a good fitness achievable regimen."


Avoid Gluten and Sugar


Vanessa suggests eliminating two things from your diet: Gluten and sugar.  "I try to avoid anything with sugar unless it's honey, maple or fruit sugar. I also try to stay away from gluten as much as I can and processed foods," she says. 


Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Vanessa stresses the importance of self-care, whatever form you choose. She personally takes care of her insides just as much as her outsides. "I do meditation, workouts, and anything that makes my spirit happy!" she says. 


Try Different Workotus

Vanessa maintains variety with exercise. "I love the pilates reformer!" she says. "I also do workouts with Scott at Strong Confident Living online which are 20 minutes and in-person, which are 45 minutes dagon flags, just like ROCKY!" she says. She likes to "kick start" her day with morning workouts. "Right now I'm learning how to box with my fiancé, he's so good at it and we have so much fun doing it together. We are also running 2-4 K every day now!" she said. 


Don't Overlook Mental Health

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Mental health is Vanessa's number one priority. "A healthy mind = healthy + happy life. I meditate every day and I try to do things outdoors like walks or play smash ball on the beach with my fiancé. Even if it's only 20 mins, I like being in contact with nature or doing something fun. Besides that, meditation is key for me to keep the stress low!"

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