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Selma Blair in Bathing Suit Takes an Ice Bath

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Selma Blair has become a leading face of wellness, ever since, after an MS diagnosis, she refuses to back down, researching her illness (which is reportedly in remission) and getting herself out there to discuss it. The Dancing With the Stars star works constantly, writing a powerful memoir (Mean Baby) and espousing a healthy lifestyle. As if to prove it, she dipped into her ice bath in a new swimsuit photo. "Let's get this day started!!!" she captioned it. "Cold pool." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Selma Blair stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


This is Her Take on Wellness

"In my own search for wellness, I have realized some essentials. Feeling so unwell for much of my life, I could be quite 'full on' with attaining physical health in the past. I compartmentalized. I paid attention to the aspects of wellness that would get me feeling physically lighter, like gut cleanses and nutrition—using food as medicine. But it's been feast or famine not having the stamina because of undiagnosed MS and POTS. Now that I am recovering, I have embraced the physical with the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, and social [aspects of] wellness," she told Coveteur.


This is How MS Changed Her Approach to Living

"I stopped looking in a mirror when alopecia gnawed out my eyelashes on one eye and bald patches took root (or lack of) on my head. So that part of my wellness took a hiatus. Prednisone, chemo, and lack of some taken for granted coordination were a hit to my beauty routine. The effort of even getting out of a bath was too much. When I tried applying makeup, my unruly fingers and blurry vision made long brushes, liquid liner, and eyelash application impossible for me then. That time let me free some ego and embrace being the best I could be as a person," she told Coveteur.


Writing Her Book Was Cathartic

"When some of the stories I carried around started to feel like an old shirt I could no longer button but wanted to save in a drawer for someone else, I felt I finally had to start writing again. My stem cell transplant was the catalyst. [It was] a reckoning. Writing these junk drawers into some organization was a heavy task for me. After mom died, and I could no longer rely on old goals, a wish to send out a white flag to the world of readers was very present. I feel as if my grown-up days have fully been realized," she told Shondaland.


Books are Her Inspiration

"Books have been a constant ally in my life. I have dear friends, but fatigue makes me a loner. I tend to be very expressive, even a bit bonkers ridiculous sometimes, [when] making new friends. I want to experience as much as I can! Connecting has been the salve to fear or sadness more than I care to admit. But there you have it," she told Shondaland.


She Likes Her Cold Pool

Selma Blair/Instagram

"Little tricks move the needle for me more now. I stopped my constant coffee drinking all day in lieu of this sports tea used by climbers. I have a tablespoon of sea moss jelly every morning and evening. I must swim as much as possible, in the ocean or in my cold pool. [First thing in the morning] I jump in; I need the shock," she told Coveteur.

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