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Tennis Legend Serena Williams Shares Swimsuit Photo From a "Very Different Time"

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Serena Williams is throwing it back in her swimsuit. In one of her most recent social media posts, the tennis champ shares a glimpse of her body in a bathing suit long before having kids. The Instagram Story was part of challenge, sharing a photo of yourself from a "verryyy different time." How does the professional athlete keep herself fit and healthy? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


"Eat to Live," Not "Live to Eat"


"My philosophy is eat to live. Don't live to eat," Serena told  Women's Health. "You need it to survive. And [that's] very hard to live by, cause I definitely love to snack, but this is what I want. These are my goals."


Fasted Exercise


Serena exercises on an empty stomach. "I often don't make breakfast because I just forget or I'm running around getting Olympia ready. And then I go work out," she told Women's Health. "When I roll out of bed, I'm just not hungry."


Plant-Based Foods


Serena tries to fill her diet with plants. "I want to have a healthy lifestyle and, so you know, [I'm eating] a lot of greens and mostly plant-based lately, just super healthy stuff," she told Women's Health. "I had a bean burger the other day today…[Today] I had a gluten-free bean burrito."


Carbohydrates for Fuel


Serena uses complex carbs as fuel. "The only time I eat pasta is when I'm playing/training. Usually, you'll never see me eating pasta otherwise," she told Women's Health. "I usually like to have lots of greens before my match and then fruit actually, and a little carbs and some sort of a protein."


Cheat Mealsl


Serena's cheat meal of choice? "I love Moon Pies. If 'Moon Pie' sponsored me, I'd be bigger than any house on this planet!" she joked to Women's Health. 


Moody Eating


"I can have a smoothie for six months. And then I'll be like, I never want to see a smoothie again for the next six months. And then I'll be like, okay, I'm back on the smoothie. My eating is very moody," she told Women's Health. 

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