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Shreya Dhanwanthary in Bathing Suit is Making Waves

Here is how the Indian actress stays fit. 

Shreya Dhanwanthary is out at sea in her swimsuit! The Indian actress, the star of Looop Lapeta and Unpaused: Naya Safar, flaunts her fabulous figure in a bathing suit via her latest Instagram post while out on a boat. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Shreya Dhanwanthary stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out

Dhanwanthary told Times Of India that she prioritizes fitness "I do mostly cardio and alternate it with weight training," she said. She also told Puja Talwar that she does "weights" and also high intensity interval training. 


She Does Intermittent Fasting

Prodip Guha/Getty Images

Dhanwanthary added to the Times of India interview that instead of eating three meals a day, she eats smaller ones every few hours. "I follow the eat-small-meals at a two hour interval plan," she explains. In an interview with Puja Talwar she added that she prolongs her first meal until later in the day, after her workout. 


She Exercises to Eat

SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP via Getty Images

Shreya added to Puja Talwar that she exercises so she can eat what she wants. "I'd rather have everything in food and then work out like a beast. Which I realize is not exactly healthy, because I'm just working out so that I can eat. But that's what I do. So, I make sure that I work out and I know I don't miss a workout and I just don't just gobble it up," she said. 


She Loves the Outdoors

Shreya Dhanwanthary/Instagram

Dhanwanthary loves to get her sweat on outdoors. One of her favorite activities? Hiking. "Bondi-ed Forever," she captioned this photo taken during a hiking adventure in Bondi Beach, Australia. She also posted this photo of herself hiking in Twelve Apostles, captioning it, "Between a rock and a hard place."


She Believes "Everything in Moderation"


"No food is bad," Shreya told Puja Talwar. "They say everything in moderation, everything is good. That is the key word. The fact that you said moderation, that is key. If people can follow that, it's great." "Carbohydrates are not bad for your heart, as long as you choose a variety of whole, minimally processed carbs and eat them in moderation. Eating foods such as whole grains, vegetables and beans can keep you feeling full," says the Cleveland Clinic.

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