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Simone Biles Stuns In Orange Swimsuit Poolside

The Olympic winner posted a new series of photos.

Simone Biles has done it all. She's gone to two Olympic games, and won medals at both. She's become the most awarded gymnast in history. She took fourth place on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars. She's spoken out about inequalities and sexual abuse. She's been praised by both Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. And she's shown off her figure in an incredible series of swimsuit photos, yesterday on Instagram. Read on to see 6 ways Simone Biles stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Puts Her Mental Health First

Simone Biles/Instagram

In the 2021 Olympics, Biles made waves by announcing that she'd be sitting out of some of the Olympic events, due to having mental health issues. She said in a statement, "I have to focus on my mental health. I just think mental health is more prevalent in sports right now. We have to protect our minds and our bodies and not just go out and do what the world wants us to do." In a sport like gymnastics that requires a lot of focus and has a lot of complicated moves, Biles' decision made sense. 


She Eats A Lot of Protein

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Biles naturally has to eat a healthy diet in order to stay in shape. She revealed in a Buzzfeed video that she eats a lot of protein. "My diet is pretty simple, a lot of proteins, fish, chicken, vegetables," she said. Biles also told Women's Health that when she does cook, she makes a lot of protein heavy meals. "If I cook, though, it's usually pasta, or chicken or salmon in the air fryer, oven or on the grill."


She Indulges Once In A While

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Even when she's training, Biles isn't afraid of indulging once in a while. She told Buzzfeed, "Outside of the gym, my cheat meal would be pizza." Biles also makes sure to both eat healthy and indulge, even when she's not going to the gym. "On the weekends, I'll have some protein waffles with chocolate chips, some eggs or even make cinnamon rolls," she told Women's Health. "Because I might not have to be at the gym, I can actually take the time to make breakfast."


She Doesn't Track Her Food

Biles tells Women's Health that she isn't a fan of counting calories or tracking her food. "I do not track anything. I eat what I feel good with and try not to overeat or stuff myself because I'm always at the gym," she says. Biles says that her sport is one of the reasons for her methods. "For gymnasts, in particular, [tracking] can lead to health problems and eating issues, so I just eat what I know I can and should."


She Works Out Her Core

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Biles has to workout regularly to maintain her figure, and to keep her strength up. Trainer Danielle Grey tells Women's Health that Biles and other gymnasts do a lot of core workouts and training, including candlestick burpees and one-leg v-sit crunches.  "Strengthening and training the core directly is a major part of a gymnast's conditioning," she says. "The pike and hollow body shapes are constantly used in gymnastics and mastery of each can make skills easier in the future."


She Does Gymnastics Of Course

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Biles is a gymnast, which serves as a majority of her fitness and workouts. As difficult as it is, gymnastics has a lot of benefits for your body. According to a study from, gymnastics has a lot of benefits for a person's flexibility. "Flexibility is a big factor in gymnastics. In order to achieve the various positions needed to perform moves, suppleness is of vital importance. Increasing flexibility can also be an effective aid to the reduction of injury, preventing people from forcing a limb to an injurious range of motion. By learning movements and combining them in a routine, the gymnast can attain greater flexibility and greater control of the body."


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