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Sixtine Rouyre in Bathing Suit is a "Sports Illustrated Rookie"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Sixtine Rouyre has already made waves as a body neutrality advocate. And she can add Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model to her career highlights. Rouyre was announced as one of the 2023 Rookies this week. She shared a new set of photos on Instagram to announce it. In it, Rouyre posed in a tan bathing suit with shells. She captioned the post, "SURPRISE IM A 2023 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ROOKIE 😈I've been keeping this a secret for what has felt like so long and i'm so excited to finally share that i spent my 25th birthday shooting with the most incredible amazing team in Dominica." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sistine Rouyre stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Wants To Inspire Others

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In her introduction on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's website, Rouyre talked about wanting to inspire others. "I think it's important that people get that representation in [the] media so that they don't feel this heavy pressure to be something that nobody is," she says. "Nobody looks like the girls in the magazine—even the girls in the magazine don't look like the girls in the magazine because there's so much that goes into it. So I hope people see themselves." 


She Knows Her Place

Rouyre wants to speak out about things, but she also knows when she has to sit back. She explained this in another interview on SI Swim's website. "A lot of body positive influencers are still size 0, and it's like, 'O.K. babe, you can talk about loving your rolls, but you also don't have any.' And I realized too, as someone who's a size 10, I still am not plus-sized, I am still not discriminated against in society the way that actual plus-sized people are, so it's not my place to speak on it."


She Promotes Body Neutrality

Rouyre is an advocate for body neutrality. She explained what this is to SI Swim. "I discovered body neutrality, which is basically, instead of focusing on loving my stretch marks, I can appreciate the fact that my stretch marks are there because I am growing. I'm a growing person, I don't stay tiny forever," she says. "Or mothers who have stretch marks—your body created an entire human. That is insane, of course [your body has] stretched, like that makes sense, you know? And so we don't have to love them, we can just acknowledge that our bodies are there."


She Cuts Toxicity Out


Rouyre is all about removing toxicity from her life. She encourages others to do the same. "Tell them to shut up or hit the road," she says to SI Swim. "Somebody is telling you to be [insecure]. Get them out of your space and start following people who are going to tell you the opposite."


She Swims

Rouyre isn't just a swimsuit model. She also likes to go swimming. Rouyre has a lot of photos on Instagram of herself spending time in the water. She shared these highlights from a trip she took to Italy. In the first photo, she is seen going for a dip in the ocean. Rouyre also posted this photo set from the same trip, which included shots of herself in the ocean. 

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