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Softball Star Jessica Mendoza Shares Swimsuit Photo by the Water

She’s an all-rounder.

Softball player and sports journalist Jessica Mendoza is showing off her favorite swimming and workout gear. Mendoza, 42, shared pictures of herself paddle boarding in Bend, Oregon, wearing a black and white swimsuit as she enjoyed the water. "First day off in a LONG time and I head straight to the water 💦 Go to this summer has been the salutation stash short and momentum tank by @athleta because I can sweat and be active. But of course also pivot and jump in the water with my kiddos, get some girl time with my sis and have my dog Vader test my balance on the board," she captioned the post. Mendoza is an Olympic athlete, having won gold in 2004 and silver in 2008 as a member of the U.S. women's softball team. Here are 5 ways the athlete is a superstar both on and off the field.


At-Home Workouts


Mendoza started posting at-home workout videos, which are a huge hit. "I know there are plenty of men and women out there like me that are at home, some with kids and some without, and they're looking for some kind of physical and mental release," she says. "I love the endorphins after a good workout and I love feeling a sense of community when we are doing something together. It motivates me and my goal is to hopefully motivate others as well… The feedback has been awesome. I have gotten workout videos back showing how others are staying fit, I've received 'thank you's' from husbands who are doing the workouts with their wives – it's been great. I've had people ask questions, too, and I've enjoyed the communication and engagement."


Confidence From Family

Mendoza credits her family for giving her confidence and belief in herself. "I grew up in a big Mexican family and…we always were so comfortable in our own skin," she says. "So society, the stuff that I think we see a lot now for young girls, didn't really reach me because I had this huge Mexican bubble around me saying, 'You're beautiful. You're amazing. You're strong. And be you.'"


A League of Their Own


Mendoza grew up a huge fan of the softball movie A League of Their Own. "I'm a big Geena Davis fan," she says. "I have a Geena Davis-signed baseball, which is funny because I don't get signatures from most baseball players I meet. But I have an actress's signature on a baseball. That's how much of an influence she had on me. Her role in A League of Their Own was just so powerful. It wasn't about the sex appeal, it was totally about winning."


Lifting and Cardio

Mendoza makes time to work out even when she's on the road. "I've still been lifting and doing some light cardio on the road," she said. "I've really enjoyed challenging myself in new ways, which includes staying in shape even though I'm carrying a much bigger load. During my pregnancy with Caleb, I did a similar amount of exercise, and he turned out healthy. He loves being active, so I make sure we get time to play and go for swims together."


Dried Fruit and Nuts

Mendoza tries to make healthy choices when traveling, especially for her kids. "I've also figured out ways to continue to eat healthy foods while on the road," she said. "We actually packed an entire small suitcase filled with jerky, dried apricots and nuts from home. We also made sure our hotel room had a refrigerator, and we went grocery shopping as soon as we got here. We don't want to go out to eat for every meal… Eating the usual ballpark diet of hot dogs and nachos just isn't an option!"

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