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Solange Knowles in Bathing Suit Enjoys Tropical Getaway

Here’s how she stays fit.

Solange Knowles is in paradise, and deserves the break. The singer and performance artist has had some health issues, but looks relaxed in her new surroundings, sharing photos of herself swimming, and standing aside palm trees, as she wears a swimsuit. Although there is no caption, she did get some flattering comments. "Wife!!!" exclaimed director Melina Matsoukas. "There she go," said Erykah Badu, who added three kiss emojis. How does she stay so fit despite staying so busy? Read on to see 6 ways Solange Knowles stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Has Learned to Accept Her Body

Knowles has said she needed to "learn to accept a lot of things" about her body. "And it isn't always easy. I often lose opportunities based on my will to want to navigate through that ownership of my body in the most authentic way. And I really kind of attained a lot of that from my mother."


She Seeks Joy

Regarding one album, Knowles said: "I tried to do the work that would simply bring me the most joy. That would make me confront the things i am most afraid of. To reinforce those things until i really believed them. To realize time & space are big mysterious and I can only align on my own. Still got further to gooo."


This is Her Take on Style

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

"Style has to play a part in everything that we do. It's the way we communicate who we are before we say a word. I used to be really interested in fashion years ago, and the more I got pushed into that world, the more it actually motivated me to write this album. I felt that I was setting my intentions too much on fashion and not enough on style. So, once I kind of made that decision to really do this for me, my style has evolved and changed so much. It's really interesting because moving to New Orleans people are 100 percent distinctively themselves. That gave me the courage to express myself in ways that I maybe was a little more self conscious about living in New York," she told Stylecaster.


She Was Diagnosed With ADHD

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

"I was diagnosed with ADHD twice. I didn't believe the first doctor who told me and I had a whole theory that ADHD was just something they invented to make you pay for medicine, but then the second doctor told me I had it," Knowles has said. "The symptoms seem to apply to everyone around me in the industry. Loss of memory, starting something and not finishing it…"


She Had "Depleting Health"

Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

"2 year anniversary of the project that literally changed my life. When I first started creating 'When I Get Home' I was quite literally fighting for my life … in and out of hospitals (s/out park plaza on Binz! 🙂 with depleting health and broken spirits asking God to send me a sign I would not only survive, but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light whatever that meant. He begin speaking to me. Half the time I didn't know where it was coming from," she revealed on Instagram. She may have been referring to an autonomic disorder she had mentioned in the past. "I only knew I had to open the door and honor it. … I didn't know who I was speaking to on 'I am a witness.'" "When I listen back, I hear a woman who had only an inkling of what the journey entailed, but didn't have a clue of why or what the journey would look like. This project has shown me, once you open that door, you can't go backwards."


This is One of the Things She's Most Proud Of

"One of the things I'm most proud of in myself is that I'm okay to fail in front of the world; I'm okay to make mistakes and get back up and try again. You have to have that attitude when you want to experiment with different mediums," she told Stylecaster.

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