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Stacey Solomon Shares Swimsuit Photo on the Beach

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Stacey Solomon is best known for being a contestant on The X Factor and a panelist on Loose Women. She and her family recently enjoyed a beach day, and she shared some photos from it on Instagram. In them, she posed in a red swimsuit, her figure on display. Solomon captioned the post, "Happy Thursday Everyone 🖤 And just a little note to say… wear the bikini. Your body deserve to wear whatever you put it in. As long as it makes you happy, who cares! Plus you might find yourself getting ALL the drinks down on the beach." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Stacey Solomon stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Eats Greens


Solomon makes sure to eat healthy. One thing she incorporates in her diet is leafy greens. Solomon told Closer Magazine that she ate a lot of greens after having one of her kids. "I love spinach. I really crave it and eat it nearly every day, so that's really helped with losing my baby weight. Anything green and I'll wolf it down."


She Gets Enough Iron


In an interview with, Solomon revealed that she has low iron deficiency. She says that she has started taking supplements to help this. "It was only since having my first baby when I learnt about my blood levels and iron deficiency, I found out that I fluctuate around the baseline for iron levels," she says. "With low iron being a frustration for many women, it's great to know that there are supplements available. I've always ended up with supplements, like Active Iron. Thank goodness there are things like this on the market."


She's Comfortable With Herself


Solomon is all about being comfortable in her body. In this Instagram post, she talked about developing confidence in herself in the caption. "Just because… I felt bloody beautiful today! I'll be honest growing up society's vibe did make me feel like I definitely wouldn't be the girl who got to do swimwear shoots 😂 So I'm marking these moments 🖤 So proud 😬 I love that I didn't have to worry about my bum cheeks flopping out or having to shave within an inch of my life in any of these."


She Works With A Trainer


Solomon works with trainer, Samantha Stone, to help her stay in shape. Stone shared this post on Instagram of herself and Solomon at the gym. In the caption, Stone talked about Solomon's fitness routine. "Progress update with @staceysolomon …we have been carrying on with the strength training around her ridiculously hectic filming & five child family schedule, she has also started to enjoy running, which brings me a lot of joy, so we have added a couple of @barrysuk sessions a week & we try & do some band & Pilates sessions when we get time too!"


She Loves the Sun

Sunshine is a vital source of Vitamin D, essential for healthy bones, teeth, and immune system functioning. Exposure to sunlight triggers the skin's production of this vitamin, which aids in calcium absorption, crucial for bone health. Moderate sun exposure can also improve mood and energy levels through the release of endorphins. It helps regulate our circadian rhythm, enhancing sleep quality. Additionally, sunlight has been shown to potentially lower blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide in the skin, which dilates blood vessels. However, it's important to balance sun exposure with skin cancer risk, emphasizing the need for protective measures like sunscreen.

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