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Tammy Hembrow in Bathing Suit Says "No Rain No Flowers"

Here are her top diet and fitness tips.

Tammy Hembrow is basking in the sun in her swimsuit. The influencer shows off her incredible figure in a pink bathing suit in some of her latest social media snaps, sitting poolside. "No rain no flowers," she captioned the post. How does she keep herself so fit? Read on to see 7 ways of Tammy Hebrow's top diet and fitness tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



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Tammy maintains that meditation was a game changer for her. "Meditating really changed my life when I first really discovered its power," she wrote in a 2021 Instagram post. "One of the first times I tried it I got into a deep meditation & had a full out of body experience completely disconnected from my physical being and there was really no looking back from there. I decided then I would dedicate my life to becoming the healthiest happiest version of myself. Meditating for even just 10 minutes a day can help relieve stress, calm your mind & clear it of negative thoughts, and help you really focus on the present 🍃 There's no doubt in my mind meditation has helped me not just in daily life but even in my businesses & creativity."


Exercise for Your Mind

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"I honestly feel better when I get my workout in, less sluggish and I find it easier to keep up with my kids," Tammy told New Idea about one of her motivations to sweat. "I honestly feel better when I get my workout in, less sluggish and I find it easier to keep up with my kids. Whether it's a gym workout or HIIT home workout I always try to fit it in when I can."


Hit the Gym Consistently

"I used to work out a lot more before having my kids but currently, I work out 3-4 times a week," Tammy told Women's Best. "I find this is enough for me right now because I've been working out consistently for years and I know my body and when to increase or decrease my calories to help with my goals."


Eat Clean

Tammy maintains a clean diet. "For me lean protein like chicken breast, turkey and fish, really helps, but I find that with trying to build my booty I wasn't consuming the amount of protein I needed so supplements like protein shakes helped too," she told New Idea. "But I didn't supplement my meals with these it was always a combination of both. I needed to eat lots to build that area so I also ate lots of complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes and healthy fats." For breakfast she usually eats oatmeal, infused with protein powder. Then, post workout, a protein shake, "and love to eat fish, chicken, turkey, beans and vegetables," she adds. "I've been trying to cut back on meat lately which I have found difficult. I usually end my day with oats and protein again. Boring I know!"


Eat Small, Regular Meals


Tammy is all about eating small meals consistently. "I eat every two to three hours," she told New Idea. 


Switch Up Your Diet Per Your Goals

Tammy regularly mixes up her diet. "I don't like to limit myself too much if I'm working towards a specific goal. For example, if I want to reduce my weight, I will choose to switch to a weight loss meal plan which involves eating fewer calories. Lucky, I have low and high-calorie plans in my App Tammy Fit so I usually follow the recipes in there and switch between regular, vegetarian and sometimes vegan," she told Women's Best.


Cheat Meals

Does Tammy do cheat meals? "Yes, I do and they're usually on the weekend," she confessed to Women's Best. "My favorite cheat meal right now is spicy chicken wings." "The main reason we listed chicken and turkey as healthy sources of protein is that they have relatively low levels of saturated fat compared with red meat, which, for nutrition purposes, includes beef, lamb, and pork," says Harvard Health. "Look at the chart below. You can see there's about half as much saturated as unsaturated fat in chicken and turkey fat. By comparison, beef and pork fat contain a good deal more saturated fat than chicken and turkey fat and less unsaturated fat."

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