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Tara Sutaria in Bathing Suit Says Hi "Straight From the Monitor"

The actress posted a new photo. 

Tara Sutaria, star of Student of the Year 2 and Tadap, just did a stunning photoshoot. And she's making sure her Instagram followers get a taste of it. Sutaria just posted a new set of photos of herself posing in jeans and a bathing suit top. She captioned the post, "Straight from the monitor." Read on to see 5 ways Tara Sutaria stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing-Suit Photos!


She Dances

Sutaria is a former dancer, and she still makes time to dance as an adult. She has had to learn choreography for some of her featured roles. She posted this behind-the-scenes video on Instagram of herself and a dance partner practicing a dance. She captioned the post, "Sneak peak into what our first rehearsal for The Jawaani Song looked like! @tigerjackieshroff Thank you for being the best dance partner a girl could ask for T." She also posted this video of herself dancing ballet in the studio, captioning it, "Fooling around with some jazz and ballet today."


She Doesn't Diet

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Sutaria opened up about her health and wellness secrets in this video for Pinkvilla. Specifically, what she eats in a day, and how she approaches food. Sutaria says that she avoids diets, because she's too much of a foodie, and instead focuses on working out. "I don't diet," she said. "I love food too much. I just eat and workout."


She Works Out In The Mornings

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In her video with Pinkvilla, Sutaria was asked what the best time of day was for her to work out. She answered, "I think in the mornings, despite the fact that everyone thinks you're going to be lethargic or you're going to be sleepy. I actually really enjoy working out first thing in the morning."


She Lives By This Mantra

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When it comes to food, Sutaria says that she lives by a common mantra, and that her mother instilled this in her when she was young. "You are what you eat," she tells Pinkvilla. "My mom has always said this to me. If you're someone who enjoys food, eat everything in moderation, work it out if you feel your body demands it."


She Has A Simple Skincare Routine

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Sutaria has incredible skin, and she makes sure that she takes care of it. When it comes to skincare, Sutaria believes in simplicity. She also believes in finding the best routine for you, then sticking to it. She tells Vogue, "I like being simple when it comes to skincare. I just try to hydrate as much as I can, and maintain a cleanse-tone-moisturise routine."

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