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The One Trick Alicia Keys Uses to Melt Fat

Alicia uses this one trick to stay one track.

Alicia Keys, the "Fallin'" singer, makes her health a priority between winning Grammys and writing songs. She knows the importance of prioritizing health and wellness and has specific tricks to help her achieve those goals and stick to them. Read on to see how Alicia Keys stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Sticks to a Moderate Amount of Calories

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Alicia doesn't restrict herself too much, but she does calorie count. The Mayo Clinic has a calorie calculator to share with readers a healthy place for them to start counting calories. She generally sticks to a "five factor diet plan" which essentially means avoiding fat containing foods, oil containing foods, sugar containing foods, and bread in addition to watching her calories. So what does she choose? She likes foods high in protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables.


She Stopped Eating Dairy

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As part of her overall health, Alicia pays a lot of attention to her skin and complexion. She noticed that diet has a lot to do with how her skin looks and has started adjusting it accordingly, giving up things like dairy and oily foods to prevent breakouts.


She Splurges Sometimes

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Just like everybody else, she needs to live a little. Alicia will sometimes splurge on a treat or some junk food once a week to keep the cravings at bay. When she's on track and wants something to snack on, she'll have smoothies or protein shakes and drink a lot of water. 


She Looks for Nutrient Dense Foods

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To stay in optimal shape, she really prioritizes wholesome foods and this habit was ingrained in her at a young age. According to Fitness Reaper, Alicia's diet includes plenty of healthy foods with "high fiber, high protein content, complex carbohydrates, and good fats."


She Avoids Fad Diets

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Fat diets, also known as crash diets for a reason, might work temporarily, but is it a realistic lifestyle change that you can maintain? Probably not. She avoids fad diets at all costs, sticking to healthy foods and working out. Maintainable changes that she can carry out for life. 

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