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Tiarah "Tia" Blanco in Bathing Suit Has "Beautiful Day"

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Surfer Tia Blanco has never been afraid to show off her body. She already spends a lot of time at the beach and in her swimsuit. Blanco recently enjoyed a day on a boat, and made sure to post photos on Instagram. In them, she posed in a yellow bathing suit, looking gorgeous. Blanco captioned the post, "Beautiful day chasing swell & enjoying the sunshine." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Tia Blanco stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's Vegan

Blanco is open about being a vegan. She tells Men's Journal that she grew up a vegetarian, and became a vegan as she got older. "Ten years ago I don't think anyone knew what veganism was and now you can find and eat anything that's not vegan in a vegan form. There are burgers, mac n' cheese, cakes, tacos — options everywhere it seems."


She's Mindful Of Cheat Days

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Being an athlete, Blanco has to eat healthy. However, she tells Men's Journal that she isn't afraid to indulge, she is just mindful when she does so. "Cupcakes are my favorite dessert and I love making them. If I want to have a cheat day I'm going to have a cheat day — but I have to be mindful that vegan junk food is still junk food."


She Pays Attention To Portions

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Blanco tells Men's Journal that she has to watch her portions, to make sure she gets enough energy. "I need to make sure I'm eating enough food so I up my portions a lot. I think of veggies as nutrition and water, not a food where I can get energy so I don't even count veggies when I'm counting calories and nutrition. For energy, I go to potatoes, whole grains, and starchy veggies. I'm obsessed with carrots and sweet potatoes."


She Mentally Prepares Herself

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Blanco tells Men's Journal that in order to be a good surfer, she has to mentally prepare herself. Since the ocean is unpredictable, Blanco has to be prepared for anything and needs to be focused. "What makes surfing different from other sports is that we're in an unpredictable environment. Therefore, we have to prepare ourselves physically for different variables, conditions, and waves."


She Cooks

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Blanco tells Forks Over Knives that she cooks a lot of her own meals. "I started adopting my mom's love for cooking when I started traveling to compete. She and my mema taught me a lot about cooking, and I'm really thankful for them. I love preparing raw foods and cooked foods, [but] I would say that the way I eat really depends on the weather. For example, in the summer I'm eating more fruits, and in the winter I'm eating more hearty foods and veggie soups."


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