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Tracy Maureen Perez in Bathing Suit is "Happier"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Tracy Maureen Perez is a pageant girl, who represented the Phillippines in the Miss World competition. She shared a stunning new set of photos on Instagram this week. In it, Perez posed in a red bikini in the pool. In the caption, she talked about how her approach to body image has changed. "I'm most certainly thicker now, and happier too.☺️Small constant progress towards a healthier me is one of my goals this year and to you reading this, I hope you start taking care of yourself too.🫶🏻" How does she take care of herself? Read on to see 5 ways Tracy Maureen Perez stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Wants To Help Single Mothers

Perez wanted to use her time in Miss World to help single mothers. She talked about this in an interview. "Being a mother is the most important job. It's the most important role but oftentimes, they are neglected. We fight so much, we talk so much about women empowerment so why don't we start with empowering our mothers, most especially those who go through so much difficulty to raise their families all on their own? Here in Miss World, we are given the chance to fight for causes and open up meaningful conversations about problems that are otherwise neglected. Here I am, hoping to bring light and to spark positive changes in the lives of single mothers."


She Swims

Perez spends a lot of time outside. She does a lot of outdoor activities to stay in shape. One thing she likes to do is go swimming. Perez posts a lot of videos and photos on Instagram of herself by the water. She shared this set of photos and one video of herself and her friends on a trip to Boracay Island. In one photo, Perez and her friends are seen snorkeling in the ocean. She captioned the post, "Boracay dump ✨It's funny because for the past years, I have really tried to experience Boracay yet all my trips were cancelled due to different reasons! But just this year, not only did I finally experience Boracay for the first time, I also got to explore it again within the same year! It is truly a paradise and I now understand why people always come back for more. Here's to more travels with precious people."


She Surfs

Swimming isn't the only thing Perez does to stay in shape at the beach. One other thing she enjoys doing is going surfing. She shared this highlight reel on Instagram of herself on a trip to Siargao. In it, Perez is seen surfing in the ocean. She captioned the post, "Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Here's a short video I made featuring some of the trip's highlights 😎S I A R G A O – F E B 2 0 2 3."


She Hikes

Another outdoor activity Perez likes to do is go on hikes. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself hiking. She shared this set of photos of herself hiking in Siargao's Coconut Farm. Perez captioned the post, "Thank you, Siargao! Will def be back but for now, back to work." She also shared this set of photos of herself after a hike to a waterfall. Perez captioned that post, "Obsessed with the natural lighting at Tangadan Falls."


She Bikes

Perez likes to go biking to stay in shape. At the beginning of the pandemic, Perez posted this biking photo on Instagram. She lamented about having to stay at home in the caption. "It's just been a week since I last left the house, only to get supplies, yet I already can't wait to freely go out again, ride a bicycle, go to the beach, trek to some of the best peaks, and even eat out at my favorites, lamaw and silogan. But what I miss the most is the get togethers, the simple joys of spending time with my good friends and loved ones, playing with and hugging my little pamangkins, without any fears or anxieties looming over."

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