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Valeria Piazza in Bathing Suit is "Sailing Along the Amalfi Coast"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Valeria Piazza is best known for winning the Miss Peru pageant in 2016. She would later finish in the semifinals of that year's Miss Universe pageant. Piazza is currently on vacation in Italy's Amalfi Coast. She shared some photos and one video on Instagram of herself spending a day on a boat. She captioned the post, "Sailing along the Amalfi coast 🤍Today we went around the Island of Capri and I was speechless." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Valeria Piazza stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Indulges Once In A While

Piazza opened up about her life and career in an interview with She says that she makes sure to eat healthy, but she also believes in indulging once in a while. "I exercise and follow a balanced diet," Piazza says. "Only on Sundays I give myself my tastes." Piazza says that some of her favorite indulgences is a "Brownie with vanilla ice cream and my grandmother's flan."


She Gives Back

Being a pageant girl, Piazza is a role model and works with different charities. She shared some of the organizations she works with in her interview. "I am an ambassador for different organizations such as WWF, INABIF, Liga contra el Cáncer and Smile Train. We have local actions, I travel a lot to help and prepare events as a spokesperson."


She's All About Self-Acceptance


Piazza is all about self-love. In her interview, she was asked if she considered herself pretty. Piazza answered, "Yes." She also said, "I think it depends a lot on our attitude to qualify how good we look. I try to be happy with what I have. I accept myself as I am."


She Swims

Piazza loves to swim to stay in shape. She shares a bunch of posts on Instagram of herself by the water. Piazza shared these photos and one video of herself in the water in the Seychelles. She captioned the post, "Day dreamer. Look at the color of the sea in the last video at Petit Anse Kerlan beach 🙏🏻 Ker." Piazza also posted these photos of herself at the ocean in the Maldives, captioning it, "Since the gray sky has been accompanying us for a few days a #tb to this paradise."


She Cooks

Piazza makes sure to eat healthy. She and her husband, Pierre Catierano, like to cook meals together. Catierano shared this video on Instagram of the two of them making a salad. In it, they include garbanzo beans, quinoa, chicken, onions, and other veggies. Catierano captioned the post, "Hello ! We leave you the recipe for our quinoa and chickpea salad with chicken."

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