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Vanessa Hudgens in Bathing Suit Goes On "Adventures"

Here’s how the star maintains her incredibly fit figure.

Vanessa Hudgens is heating up social media with her latest snaps. The 33-year-old flaunted her incredibly fit figure—including her flat abs—in a green swimsuit while vacationing with pals over the weekend. She captioned the series of photos "​​adventures." How does the star of ticktickBOOM! approach health, fitness, and wellness? Read on to see 10 ways Vanessa Hudgens stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Work Out Daily

If you want a body like Vanessa, plan on working out almost every day that ends in Y. "I would do seven days if I had time," she revealed to Parade. "I love starting my day off that way because sometimes I'll have a less productive days and if I've gotten a workout in, then I feel like I'm accomplished no matter what."


Don't Focus On Cardio

Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Cardio used to be Vanessa's got-to workout, but she recently shifted her routine. "My fitness has taken a turn. Cardio has been put on the back burner, and I'm very OK with that," she told Shape. "The things that have become the most important are balance and mental health."


Do Strength Training

Vanessa's favorite form of exercise is strength training at The Dogpound. "During the pandemic, when everything was paused, I created a little community. I'd get my friends together over Zoom and we would do Isaac Boots's live workout classes. As the world started to reopen, I found myself obsessed with Dogpound," she told Shape. "I go with my best friend; we're extremely competitive. We have the best time — the amount of dancing we do between sets is ridiculous. Everyone knows when we're at the gym. They say they hear us before they see us." She also revealed one of her favorite moves, squats with a rack, "and I love to see how much weight I can add to the bar."


Try Different Workouts

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Vanessa maintains variety with her workouts."My body builds muscle very quickly and I don't love the way it looks on my body. So I find the way that I achieve the body that I want for myself is to lengthen, to lean and to tone," she told Parade. Some of her favorites include Pilates, Soul Cycle, and hot yoga. "I've been going to this Pilates studio called WundaBar for years and it's just a great deep muscle-training workout. It's not super high intensity but I always feel it the next day." And, doing Pilates on a reformer, "works your muscles like nothing else," she told Shape. 


Do Two-a-Days

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Vanessa gets so into exercise that she occasionally does two-a-days. "And some days when I have the time, I love doing Pilates first and then going over to Soul Cycle. I love a double up!" she told Parade. "I always feel so accomplished when I double up.


Find Workout Buddies

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"I'm the type of person that needs to be in a class," Vanessa explained PopSugar. "I need someone telling me what to do, and I love being in a group environment because I'm very competitive, so it pushes me to work harder than I would if I was by myself."


Plan Workouts in Advance


Vanessa plans her workouts ahead of time. "I normally sign up for a class the night before so I don't even have time to think about it and just wake up to having to go to workout. If I don't do it first thing in the morning it normally does not happen," she said.


Eat Healthy, Real Food


"My overall food philosophy is, if it's real, I'll eat it," she explained to Shape about how she makes clean eating a priority. "Many things are processed and contain chemicals and ingredients I can't pronounce. I want real food. If I'm in Italy, and I see them making pasta by hand, or if it grows from the earth, that's real. I stay away from the processed stuff. I also don't eat meat. I'm a pescatarian. What animals go through is so inhumane. That's not a system that I support."


Eat Two Big Meals a Day

Vanessa does intermittent fasting. "I eat two bigger meals a day instead of three," she told Shape. For breakfast she will have an avocado, "maybe vegan sausage, and a piece of healthy bread," she dished. "Dinner depends on my mood. I let myself have what I want. If that's a big bowl of spaghetti with clams and a glass of wine, then that's what I'm eating. Sometimes I crave a salad, and I'll make a big one with nuts and goat cheese and salmon. Other times, it's tacos and a margarita. I've learned that when I try to be super conscientious of everything I put into my mouth, all I can think about is food. But when I listen to my body and eat what I want, that's when I'm happiest."


Get Empowered By Exercise

For Vanessa, exercise is empowering. "At my fittest, I feel unstoppable," she told Shape. "You think, 'There's no way I can get through 30 reps.' But then you do, and you remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to," she explained. "Those little victories should always be celebrated. That's what contributes joy and happiness and power and strength to your life."

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