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Vanessa Lachey in Bathing Suit Says "Hello Summer"

Here’s how she is 42 and fabulous.

Vanessa Lachey is thrilled to bask in the warm weather and sunshine after taking a Disney Cruise to Fiji (which she swears is just for the kids, wink wink). Lachey, 42, shared a picture of herself flashing the peace sign while wearing a black two-piece bathing suit, posing in a gorgeous private pool. "Hello Summer! ✌🏽" she captioned the post. "That is one talented photographer. Look at the symmetry!!!" joked husband Nick Lachey. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lachey stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Breakfast Lover

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Lachey is not a breakfast-skipper. "I'm a big breakfast girl," she says. "If I had a choice, I would sit down to sausage links and a ham-and-cheese omelet and toast and fruit. Sometimes—and this is probably the Asian in me coming out—I'll do scrambled eggs over rice with soy sauce. It's a big comfort food for me. When I'm at a hotel I'll call room service at 7 in the morning and be like, 'um, do you guys have white rice and soy sauce?'"


Personal Trainer Sessions

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Lachey works out with a personal trainer whenever she can. "I have found that I need motivation to work out, so I go to a trainer, Gregg Miele at Heart & Hustle here in Los Angeles, when I have time," she says. "I synced the kids' naps so I have a little less guilt when I go. Although some days it doesn't work out perfectly, and I just remind myself that I need 'me' time because that is equally important."


Working Out Postpartum

Miele worked with Lachey 2-4 times a week in her postpartum period. "We address any areas of weakness and instability that she had after the pregnancy to help decrease the potential for injury," Miele says. "We are stretching tight areas (postpartum pain areas) and strengthening the weak ones, but we definitely spotlight the core area and start to retrain that area to function properly again. She loved ending her workout with good ole' fashioned chocolate milk. It has an ideal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio post workout to aid in the recovery process. She also enjoyed a protein fruit smoothie as well."


Taco Night


Lachey loves taco nights with the family, making small swaps for health and nutrition. "We do ground turkey tacos, and then sometimes, if I think about it early enough, I do shredded chicken in the slow cooker," she says. "You just do 98 percent fat-free—because we try to be healthy—condensed cream of chicken soup, Ro-Tel, and the taco seasoning packet. Easy. Leave it for, like, four hours, and then shred it up."


Almonds, Cheese, and Turkey

Lachey enjoys food that is healthy for the whole family. "My palate has changed with both kids," she says. "And now, I find that I like all different things. I love almonds because they're easy, give me energy and are good for me! Another favorite snack is a slice of cheese wrapped in turkey. I make these for [son] Cam and end up eating half of them!"

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