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WWE's Aliyah in Bathing Suit Says "How Are Ya?!"

Here’s how she stays fighting fit.

WWE star Aliyah—real name Nhooph Al-Areebi—is taking a break from her intense fitness regimen to enjoy some downtime. The wrestler posted a picture of herself wearing a glitzy bathing suit, relaxing on a beach towel. "Hello! How are ya?!" she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Aliyah stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Gym Equipment

Aliyah loves using gym equipment such as the elliptical machine. "(The elliptical is) low-impact, so it's good for beginners or those who have joint issues, and it's easier on your hips and knees than running or walking on the treadmill," says Amber Harris, ACE-certified personal trainer and RRCA-certified running coach.


Circus Training

Aliyah is trained as a circus performer. "I decided to go to circus school because I wanted to be a wrestler," she says. "I remember watching Tough Enough and seeing that they were doing rolls and stuff. I connected that with the circus, which was an option as an after-school program, so I chose that. I learned a lot of skills there, like acrobatics, that transferred over to wrestling… [Circus training] is very physically demanding. You have to have a certain athleticism. You have to be able to jump. Your body has to be able to move a certain way. It takes a lot of flexibility. There's a lot of physicality in wrestling, too. You have to be athletic."


Giving 110 Percent

Aliyah says she went above and beyond when training for her first wrestling tryout. "I would go to the gym every day," she says. "I would go to wrestling training five times a week. I was eating the cleanest I've ever eaten in my life. I'd practice interviews in the mirror every day. I gave 110 percent to be ready for the tryout."


Horseback Riding

Aliyah is a dedicated and accomplished horsewoman. "Riding physically strengthens the body, especially the core," says showing producer Natalie Reynolds. "It's a full body workout and helps to increase our balance and improves our posture. It's likely that your posture out of the saddle will improve the more regularly you ride."


Trailblazing Talent

Aliyah comes from a traditional middle eastern family, and is proud to represent her culture in wrestling. "I have a typical Arabic family," she says. "We're very conservative. I grew up in Canada, but I'm a first-generation Canadian. My parents are from the Middle East. We had strict rules. There were certain things I couldn't wear, no boyfriends, strict curfews. They were hard on me about school. I had to get good grades. When I first started, they weren't that pleased. However, they see the success I've gotten and are extremely proud of me. They call me every day, we have a close relationship. But I hope to be an inspiration to all Arabic females and young girls. It's definitely the road less traveled."

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