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Yazmin Oukhellou in Bathing Suit is "So Grateful"

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Yazmin Oukhellou is one of the stars of The Only Way Is Essex. She's currently on vacation in Marrakech, Morocco, and posted some highlights on Instagram. In one photo, Oukhellou posed by the pool. She wore a bright pink bikini, showing off her body. She captioned the photo, "I am so grateful & blessed to be here in Marrakech with my mum and dad." Read on to see 5 ways Yazmin Oukhellou stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Believes In Balance

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Oukhellou opened up about her wellness and health habits in a magazine interview. She says that when it comes to her diet, she believes in balance. "Sometimes I want to be really healthy or vegetarian. Then the next minute, I'm sitting there with a big tub of Haribo from Costco. It depends what mood I'm in."


She Was Motivated By A Break-Up

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Oukhellou went through a very public break-up with James Lock. In the same interview, she says that this experience made her want to be healthier. "When I was with James, I was comfort eating and putting on weight," she explained. "Now that I'm single, I want to get that revenge body."


She Works Out Her Legs And Abs

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In the same interview, Oukhellou revealed some of her favorite workouts. She says that she likes to do core and lower body exercises. She says that her typical routine is, "A warm-up routine for 10-15 minutes. Then I'll do squats and planks."


She Has Thick Skin

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Oukhellou is in the public eye, which means she's dealt with a lot of criticism. However, she says that she doesn't let it bother her anymore. "I've definitely got a thicker skin as I've gotten older," she told the magazine. "Now, I can laugh."


She Loves Protein Shakes

Oukhellou broke down her typical diet to Closer Online. She says that she loves to have protein shakes. "For breakfast, I'll have a protein shake, usually a cookies and cream flavour. I love it with a dollop of peanut butter."

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