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Yellowjackets' Jasmin Savoy Brown in Bathing Suit Says Hi

“Oh, I’m definitely most like Tai.”

Jasmin Savoy Brown plays the younger Taissa on Yellowjackets, and in real life, she seems just as amazingly driven. Besides already racking up illustrious roles in the hit series and The Leftovers and the hit movie Scream, the 27-year-old has a new podcast, the Netflix-produced The Homo Schedule, with fellow Yellowjacket Liv Hewson. It's good you'll be hearing more from her: the woman is smart. (That's not to say she's all work and no play; Brown just shared a photo on Instagram from fellow Scream star Sonia Ammar, having fun on the beach.) How does Jasmin Savoy Brown keep it real while staying so busy? Read on to see 7 ways and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Can Relate to Tai

Jasmin Savoy/Instagram

"Oh, I'm definitely most like Tai. I'm way too serious. I talk about the Enneagram a lot and I'm a 4w3 while she's a 3w2. So we both share this three and four energy. Similar to Tai, I'm also an Aries [sun] and a Scorpio rising, but I have a Cancer moon. So I'm just all this grrrr but when I'm alone with someone I love I'm a little" more soft, "you know what I mean? Just like her," she told Nerdist.


She Made Sure Her Character's Blackness Was Intact

"Tai has definitely learned that her identity is not what she thought it was. To get specific, a lot of her identity had to do with her hair," she told Nerdist. "And that was really important to me [as a Black woman]. That's why she wrapped [her hair] every night. She kept her wash day routine the best she could. Even when she's sneaking for a little make out in the water, she keeps her hair wrapped. And then when she goes on that excursion to try to save everyone, she cuts it off. To her, it was practicality but I think subconsciously there was more going on there of shedding the identity attached to society."


She Bonded With Her Cast

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"It's been quite an experience … nice and bizarre," Brown told the Today Show. "We shot the pilot in 2019 in literally a different world. Then we shot over COVID and were in a bubble because the borders were closed up in Canada. So we didn't even have visitors. Normally you have friends and you bring them to set and it already feels living and breathing but it really felt like it was our little secret because no one could come to set."


She Likes Engaging with Fans

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"Everyone's like, 'I'm sure your phone's getting blown up right now so I don't want to bother you,'" Brown explained. "No, actually … not that many people text me because they don't want to bother me. I really want them to text me because I like knowing! So that's why I started engaging a little more online, because I love reading the fan theories. People will come up with things that I've never even thought of, or they'll point things out that I would've never noticed. So many little details people pointed out that I completely missed," she told Today.


She Made Sure Tai Was "Lived in Person"

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"I've seen a lot of queer content where the character feels half-baked, and it's such a rip-off and it makes me feel sad and used, as if we're props," Brown recently told NBC OUT. "I just wanted to really make sure we went fully in the opposite direction, had a completely lived-in person who isn't defined by her queerness, but her queerness is celebrated even in the nuances." She added: "It's subtle changes that really make a difference and me as an audience member feel seen when I'm watching something. It's the showing versus saying. It's the doing versus alluding to."


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