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Yellowjackets' Liv Hewson in Bathing Suit is "Revived by the Sea Air"

She loves the ocean.

Liv Hewson is enjoying a well-earned vacation on the open sea. The 26-year-old Yellowjackets star is on a boat with her pals, and looks happy and relaxed in photos posted by her friends. "@liv.hewson being revived by the sea air," one friend captioned a sweet picture of the actress wearing a swimsuit with a blue shirt over it. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hewson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Has a Beer Occasionally

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Hewson enjoys the occasional beer, especially when she's with friends. "Believe it or not, you can find medical articles in sources like the New England Journal of Medicine which show that light to moderate beer drinkers decrease their chance of stroke by 20%," says Jim Collins, PhD. "Some studies show that drinking moderate amounts of beer lowers the chance of developing coronary disease by 30-40%, compared to people who don't drink at all. Why is this? Beer contains similar amounts of polyphenols as red wine and 4 to 5 times as many polyphenols as white wine."


She Loves Camping

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Hewson loves spending time in the great outdoors. "Camping provides a host of benefits," says Christina Pay, Extension Assistant Professor at Utah State University. "Simply put, camping is good for you, both in body and mind. Benefits include relationship building, opportunities to learn and develop new skills, unplugging and getting away from screens, connecting with nature, stress reduction, and increasing physical fitness. The fitness benefits of camping are well documented. Research suggests that physical activity in the outdoors and feelings of connection to nature enhance psychological health and well-being. Activities such as walking in forests and participating in outdoor activities have been shown to enhance mood and focus, and increase attention and cognitive capacity."


She Loves the Beach

Liv Hewson/Instagram

Hewson loves the beach—which is not only fun, but has incredible mental and physical health benefits, experts say. "Being in the sea is 'being at one' with the sea; the space, the sensory awareness, the refreshing sensation, the motion, the smell and the challenge," says Joe Sabien, CEO of Sea Sanctuary in Cornwall, UK. "Be it swimming, surfing, sailing or SUPing, your time in the water gives you the time and opportunity to explore often self-imposed limitations, allowing you to be present in that moment."


She Enjoys Ice Cream

Liv Hewson/Instagram

Hewson likes the occasional ice cream when she's out in the sunshine. "Yes, ice cream can be part of a healthy lifestyle," says Kelly Hogan, MS, RD. "Eating ice cream in moderation, if you enjoy and desire it, indicates a healthy relationship with food and gives you a lot more brain space to focus on other important things in your life. I often tell clients the stress caused by avoiding certain foods, like ice cream, because they are perceived as 'bad' is a lot more harmful in the short- and long-term."


She Loves To Skateboard

Liv Hewson/Instagram

Hewson enjoys skateboarding, which experts say offers a wealth of benefits whatever your age. "Older people talked about the profound experiences they were having and I ended up looking at skateboarding and religion," says Dr. Paul O'Connor, 46, a lecturer in sociology at the University of Exeter in the UK. "Religion didn't really resonate with them, but when it came to experiencing a sense of meaning, community, and ritual, they found that in skateboarding… For a lot of middle-aged people, once you have responsibilities, like a mortgage and kids, it's nice to have an identity away from that kind of stuff. The best time to skate is as an older person as you are plugged into online and skatepark communities from day one."

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