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Zoey Deutch Flashes Stomach and Flaunts Legs at Premiere 

Here’s how the actress stays in shape.

It might not be swimsuit season any more, but Hollywood's hottest stars are still finding ways to show off their fantastic figures. On Tuesday night Zoey Deutch rocked a red plaid mini skirt and matching blazer with a crop top to the red carpet premiere of Amazon's animated series Fairfax. How does the 26-year-old prioritize her mental and physical health? Read on to see 7 ways Zoey Deutch stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Focuses on Exercise

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Zoey focuses more on exercise and less on what she eats. "I'm not going to give up salt and sugar because I want to look like Adriana Lima," she told Teen Vogue. "But I am going to work out to make myself feel good in my own body."


She Does the Tracy Anderson Method

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Zoey is a fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. She broke down her routine based on the dance-inspired workout for Teen Vogue a few years back. 


She Sets Aside Time for Herself

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"I've been working for a decade and I never once thought about building a vacation into the schedule," she recently told Porter. "I've been trying to establish boundaries for myself, so I can lead a life where I'm not living to work," she says. "The scary realization is that an actor who does nothing but act is kind of boring. If I do that, all I can talk about is acting. Or myself. And I refuse – I refuse – to be an uninteresting person!"


Anxiety Is Her "Superpower"

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Zoey once revealed to Cosmopolitan that she has struggled with mental health most of her life. "I came into this world with anxiety. I used to hold my breath from anxiety when I was a baby and it would make me faint," she said. "There are times when it's debilitating. And there are times when it makes me laugh, like in the car today when I lost the plot entirely. But I actually feel like my superpower is my anxiety. It's one of my key motivators and it's at the center of my ambition."


She Has a Go-To Self-Love Mantra

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"I love something my mum told me once – I do believe some of the simplest things in life are the most profound – that, 'you are enough, and you are really beautiful.' I think that is really comforting and I think people need to listen to that and learn from that," she told Glamour UK


Her "Greatest Passion in Life" Is Eating

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"My greatest passion in life is food and eating. I've always had those passions, but I didn't really show the world until now, on my Instagram. I'm getting a lot of accusations, like, 'Who's cooking for you? Who did this?' Nobody is like, 'Wow, beautiful work!' Nobody wants to believe it's me. But that makes sense, because I can't do anything, so they're confused that I can do this. The other day, someone was like, 'You know, Zoey, you don't, like, 'do things.' You don't like games or sports.' I was like, 'Am I the most boring person in the world?' But yeah, I have nothing else except food and — sort of — acting," she told Vulture


This Is Her "Therapeutic Outlet"

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"One of my therapeutic outlets I've been missing, which I didn't realize was such a factor in my life, is loudly singing in my car," she confessed to Vulture. "Like, I'll sing in my house or in my shower or whatever, like other people, but I also spent two hours a day screaming pop music in my car. And I genuinely think it's affected my happiness that I haven't been able to do it. I think I've cracked the code for why, when I'm on-location, I also feel sad. So the other day, I just sat in my car for two hours and sang really loudly."

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