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Nicole Scherzinger in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Up for a Run"

"Sometimes you’ve got to push thru the pain to get the results you want!”

Nicole Scherzinger is pounding the pavent – in her workout gear. In a new social media post the singer shows off her amazing body during a run in Hawaii. "It's off season for me atm, so I'm taking a break! 🤸🏽‍♀️🍷🍲 But because of that I've been struggling with my motivation to workout! So grateful my cousin @hawaiian_ryu got me up for a run… sure it was 40 minutes uphill and my lungs felt like they were bleeding and I was regretting eating an entire Costco bag of Reese dipped animal crackers BUT I never stopped no matter how slow 🐌! Never give up on yourself and enjoy those Reese's in moderation lol! Sometimes you've got to push thru the pain to get the results you want!" she captioned the post. How does the former Pussycat Dolls band member eat her way to a hot body? Here is everything you need to know about her diet.


Intermittent Fasting


Nicole is a fan of time restricted eating. "I'm not on the grind as much with my workouts, so I'm intermittent fasting," she tells Women's Health. Intermittent fasting works by "prolonging the period when your body has burned through the calories consumed during your last meal and begins burning fat," explains Johns Hopkins Medicine.



Nicole drinks tea throughout the day. "I wake up and have a cup of tea, usually [VAHDAM's] Mint Melody Green Tea or their Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea, and then I usually won't eat until the afternoon," she says. Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.


Breakfast for Lunch

Nicole eats breakfast for lunch. "I love eggs and gluten-free bread with a side of smoked salmon or some ham." Sometimes she will add a side of sliced cherry tomatoes or avocado. "They're just my favorite," she says. Salads are another go-to. 




Raw almonds, cherry tomatoes, snap peas. Himalayan salt popcorn, and dark chocolate with sea salt or almonds are a few of Nicole's go-to snacks. "If I have some frozen fruit laying around, I'll make an oat milk smoothie," she says. "Sometimes I'll put turmeric powder in it, which is delicious and anti-inflammatory." She also loves salt and vinegar flavored potato chips and Cheetos. It's "real Cheetos or the fire hot ones," she says. 



For dinner, which she eats around 6:00, Nicole will pair a meat protein with a grain and veggies. "It's usually like chicken and rice, fish and rice, and then a side of vegetables," she says. She also likes gluten-free pasta. 



Nicole loves dessert – anything with a cream cheese frosting. "I love red velvet cake with cream cheese icing; carrot cake with cream cheese icing," she says. She also enjoys dark chocolate, soft cookies, and muffins. "I love muffins and cakes," she says. 

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