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Nikki Reed In Workout Gear Raises Awareness For Women's Health

“Keep banging on doors.”

Nikki Reed is using her social media to encourage women to always advocate for themselves when it comes to health and medicine. Reed, 36, shared a picture of herself wearing black leggings and a matching sports bra, being supported while doing a yoga move. "Medical gaslighting is very real and there is a gender gap in healthcare, with statistics showing that when it comes to their health and getting a proper diagnosis, women aren't taken as seriously as men. This has to change, and it starts by us women holding hands and loudly supporting other women who are being shamed into questioning themselves when they feel something is off medically," she captioned the Instagram post. Here's how the actress takes care of her health, wellness, and happiness.


Plant-Based Diet

Reed enjoys a mostly plant-based diet based on whole foods. "The main thing I try to avoid is high fructose corn syrup or other preservatives that are hidden in almost every food on the market," she told Thrive Market. "Other than that, I say, if you feel like having a piece of bread with butter, go for it! At least you know what you're eating. That being said, there are some health food staples that I am completely obsessed with. Superfoods like chia seeds and maca might sound a little strange, but they make me feel fantastic."


Five-Mile Walks

Reed says she basically has a "miniature farm" at her house. "I joke that your animals are totally a reflection of who you are, and there's a reason I ended up with my shepherds," she told Well+Good. "I've always gravitated toward larger dogs because they look at you in the morning, like, "Are you going to take me on this five-mile run? What's going on, mom?" That little nudge in the morning to go do something is motivating."


Face Oils

Nikki Reed/Instagram

Reed loves using face oils to keep her skin beautiful and hydrated. "In terms of beauty, my routine has been pretty consistent for the last couple of years," she told Well+Good. "I use a lot of oils on my skin, since California can be really dry. I've fallen in love with Poppy & Someday—she makes really beautiful face oils—and Plantfolk makes a lot of my hair oils. I use the BaYou With Love organic multi-purpose balm, which is super hydrating. I just took it with me to Hawaii, and it was kind of a lifesaver because it's something I can put everywhere—on my face, on the ends of my hair when it's dry, around my nose and eyes when I'm traveling."


Sunday Funday


Reed lets herself have one day a week where she can indulge without overthinking it. "When I see a tray of cookies I want the whole tray. That's just how it is," she told ELLE. "I believe in the cheat day. Instead of saying, 'I'm going to have one pancake for breakfast and then one bite of a dessert at dinner,' I try to eat clean six days a week and then on Sundays, I have a free-for-all. Now, I definitely don't eat seven pizzas and 20 donuts, but I have days when I'm not constantly monitoring what I'm doing. It really is all about the majority."


Movement Throughout the Day

Reed tries to make movement a natural part of her day. "I've embraced the mentality that while I work I can also be working out," she told ELLE. "For example, for my birthday this year, my brother and father decided to make me a standup desk; now, while I'm on a business call, I'm also going to be moving my feet a little bit or walking around. You can also sit on a ball at your desk so you are forced to work on posture."

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