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Nina Agdal in Two-Piece Black Workout Gear Does Yoga 

Eight ways Nina Agdal stays in shape. 

Nina Agdal recently showed off her toned body in a series of snaps from a great "weekend," that included her doing yoga in a black sports bra and matching shorts. The Sports Illustrated cover girl has been into fitness from a young age. "Fitness, wellness, and nutrition is such a huge part of my life," she said in an Instagram video introducing her app The Agdal Method. She added, "I played basketball. I danced competitively. I've always just been active and wanting to move." The 31-year-old has a positive approach to living a healthy lifestyle and we take a closer look at her diet and how she stays fit. 


Her Mom Taught Her About Nutrition

In the video where she explained why she wanted to launch a wellness app, the model shared where she learned the importance of nutrition. "My mom taught me a ton about nutrition and a ton about how important it is to nourish your body. When I started doing modeling I really had to take care of myself, and figured out what worked for me, which was a journey, that's when I really started diving into the nutrition aspect of wellness."


She's a Certified Health Coach

Agdal went on to share in the video that she's also a health coach. "Last year I graduated as a certified health coach IIN and it's all coming together, and the Agdal Method is all about that."


She Brings Her Own Food When She Travels


It can be challenging to maintain good eating choices while traveling, so Adgal brings her own snacks. "Traveling is hard, but I always bring my own snacks with me, especially on long flights," she told Coveteur. "I usually have Quest Bars, Gladiator Cookies, and kale chips from Juice Press—that way if I'm bored or get hungry, I have something to snack on."


She Drinks a Ton of Water and Green Tea

Staying hydrated is vital for several reasons such as getting rid of waste, maintaining regularity, increasing energy, and more. Adgal ensures she drinks plenty and water and told Covetuer "I drink at least eight cups of water a day. I also drink a lot of iced or hot green tea because I love the taste, plus it gives me energy and can speed up your metabolism—or at least I believe so! I always try to start my day by drinking an entire bottle of water while taking my vitamin supplements. In the morning, I get a large Americano, and in the afternoon, I'll get an iced soy macchiato."


She Loves to Cook


When she's not on the road traveling for work, Adgal loves a good home-cooked meal. "I actually love cooking," she told the outlet. "I grew up very spoiled: My mum was an amazing cook, so I learned from the best. If I'm cooking for myself, I try to keep it simple so there's not too much cleaning to do afterward. My go-to is an omelet with vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, chili flakes, and Parmesan cheese. Or I'll do a steak with a tossed salad. But that's pretty easy stuff that I'll cook if it's just me. I like to go all out when I'm cooking for friends and family!"


She Loves Healthy Snacks

In addition to having a balanced diet of protein and vegetables, Adgal loves to snack on healthy foods. "I like dried mango, hummus with celery, green juice with kale, celery, parsley, ginger, apple, and Greek yogurt," she said. "Or half an avocado smashed with a little bit of salt and chili flakes on a piece of whole-wheat toast. The chili flakes add just enough heat. I also love a good burger or a steak with a little béarnaise sauce. After a week of hard work, I'll reward myself with that and an ice-cold beer."


She Mixes Up Her Workouts

Adgal enjoys staying active and works out often. "I love mixing it up between cardio routines and bodyweight-focused flows," she told Haute Living. "Now that the weather is getting nicer I have been LOVING going for outdoor interval jogs/runs. The mental impact of running is what I love the most. When I'm not running, I do 25-40 minute flows using my own bodyweight or I'll add a set of ankle weights for a good burn. Any exercise that focuses on engaging muscles and reconnecting with breathing is my favorite."


She Doesn't Diet

Adgal has a healthy outlook when it comes to her diet and she doesn't limit herself. "I don't diet or have any restrictions when it comes to food," she told Haute Living. "I believe in intuitive eating so if I'm craving something that people might label as "bad" I let myself enjoy it without a delayed guilt trip. The guilt trip is the 'bad' part, not the food itself. It's truly a balance to find a healthy eating pattern and it has taken me years to find mine. I believe in lifestyle changes, not diets or torturous workout regimens. You want to find and do something you enjoy and that you can keep up with that leaves you feeling good. Finding enjoyable workouts and appreciating wholesome delicious foods are the first steps towards the type of lifestyle that The Agdal Method is all about."

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