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Nora Fatehi in Bathing Suit is "All About Colors"

This is how the actress stays camera ready. 

Canadian actress Nora Fatehi is having some summer fun with her fashion, and sharing new looks with her fans. Fatehi, 31, posted a reel of herself posing in a number of different outfits, including one of her in a green bikini top and denim cutoff shorts. "Tight fit to impress ya😉. Trying out a fun flirty styling vibe for the summer💞 It's all about colors for me 🧡♥️💛," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Fatehi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Dancing Is Her Workout

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Fatehi's favorite method of exercise is dancing workouts. "I don't hit the gym often, nor do I workout regularly as I tend to lose weight easily," she says. "I often used to do Pilates which is actually great for toning up my body but I prefer thickness around the lower body. I definitely dance whenever I get the chance. I guess you can say that any form of workout or exercise for me would be dance!"


She Loves Food

SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP via Getty Images

Fatehi is not one for diets that make her feel miserable, but knows that balance is key. "I will not shy away from saying that I absolutely love food," she says. "I love to indulge, but with that comes the responsibility to take care of yourself. I make a conscious effort to always stay moving, whether it's dance or a session at the gym." 


Embracing Her Physique

Fatehi loves her curves and has no interest in being skinny for the sake of it. "It's funny to me that this notion of 'being skinny' is the only way to be appreciated. Says who?" she says. "The most beautiful thing about our bodies is how unique we all are in our different shapes and sizes. Being curvy and thick is just as beautiful as someone who may not have curves flaunting their body. Confidence in your body takes you a long way, and I find it a very attractive quality to have."


Staying In Her Bubble

Fatehi knows how important down time and self-care is for health and wellness. "I like to step away and keep to my bubble," she says. "That bubble could mean keeping to myself anywhere where I can be in peace. And being by the sea helps me attain that peace of mind. It's also paramount for me to meet up with my childhood friends, who help rejuvenate my spirit greatly. Moments where we can be ourselves and indulge in laughter and good times are precious to me. They help me get back to the grind with a stronger drive."


Alter Ego For Confidence

Fatehi has an alter ego that helps her when she performs. "Her name is Noriana, and she fully takes over the second it's time for me to perform to any beat," she says. "It's an unexplainable feeling, but I've characterized this side of me as 'Noriana' because it's as though a whole new side of me emerges when I get into that performance mode. She has a bit of sass, a fierceness and a diva-like quality about her that comes when the music takes over."

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