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Odeya Rush in Workout Gear Enjoys "First Day" on the Golf Range

Here is everything you need to know about her wellness routine. 

Odeya Rush is hitting golf balls at the range. In a new social media post the Cha Cha Real Smooth star shows off her fit figure – and her swing – while golfing. "First day out here," she wrote about the photo, swinging her golf club. How does the star, 26, approach mental and physical health? Here is everything you need to know about her health and wellness routine. 


She Reads


Odeya is a reader "I really like Louise Hay. I love her books and her audio," she told Byrdie. "Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I'm stressed, I need just to be reminded of how you control your own thoughts and how you can take this thought and shift it into a positive place. So yeah, I love Louise Hay. She's really helped me. And really just watching what you're saying to yourself, because so quickly you can wind up in a really negative place out of nowhere and your thoughts just spiral. So when bad thoughts come up, I try as much as I can to cancel them out with something positive or to shift my focus to something else, because the more I do it the more I know it'll be a habit for me." One Harvard study published in Social Science & Medicine found that people who read books regularly had a 20% lower risk of dying over the next 12 years compared with people who weren't readers or who read periodicals. 


She Doesn't Focus on Her Flaws

Odeya Rush/Instagram

Odeya "struggled with acne for a long time," but learned how to deal with it. "I had pimples here and there growing up, but at 20 years old, I developed a face full of acne. When you're working and constantly having to be on camera, it can bring you down because a part of you wants to cover it up — but the more makeup you put on, the worse you're making it. My acne started calming down last year, but I still get blemishes," she confessed to Refinery 29. "It's about looking in the mirror and not focusing on it. Repeating the affirmation that I have clear skin has helped me. With acne, you think everybody is looking at it, but it's not as big of a deal as you're making it in your head."


She Goes for Hikes

Rush loves getting outdoors and going for a hike. "Oh no they put the boy in nature," she captioned a snap from Sedona. According to the National Parks Service, the physical benefits of hiking include building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance and heart health, and decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems.


She Walks on the Beach

Odeya is a walker and loves taking a nice walk in the heat. "I do better in the heat, let's just say that! I grew up in a very, very hot climate. I'm just better in the heat, I get cold super easily," she told Byrdie. Going for a daily walk can be a game changer in terms of exercise, especially at a brisk speed. One study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that walking at a brisk pace for about 30 minutes a day led to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia and death, compared with walking a similar number of steps but at a slower pace.



Odeya Rush/Instagram

In her latest post, Odeya shows off her golf skills. A comprehensive review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that golf's health benefits are extensive, including mind, body, and even lifespan. Benefits include improved longevity, decreased risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke, good mental health, and improved strength and balance.

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