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Olivia Bentley In Workout Gear Shares Arms, Abs, and Glute Workout

She looks fantastic.

Made In Chelsea star Olivia Bentley is sharing her favorite arms, abs, and glute workout with fans and followers. Bentley, 28, posted a video of herself wearing black leggings and a white sports bra, doing an intense training session on a Pilates reformer machine. "You are absolutely glowing Olivia. So proud of you 🙌❤️," commented The Only Way Is Essex star Lewis Bloor. Bentley is thriving as a single lady—here's how she stays fit, strong, and happy.


10k Steps a day

Bentley loves taking advantage of the many parks in London. "I'm an early riser anyway, so I get up at 5am and set off for a long walk around London," she told Closer. "I walk for about an hour and a half, which is around 10,000 steps, and I pop my earphones in and listen to Shania Twain! I realized how much it helped my mental health, so now I do my daily walks to clear my head. I suffer from quite severe anxiety, and walking helps me so much. It sets me up for the day."


Hurricane Bentley

Bentley says she is dating lots of different people but nothing serious. "I loved Tristan wasn't there when I got there [in Corsica]," she told The Tab. "They call me hurricane Bentley. I just love the show when you're single…we managed to have our own summer separately and enjoy it."


Mental Health Walks

Bentley walks for miles every day for both physical and mental health. "It makes me feel mentally stronger, going out on my own and walking really helps," she told Closer. "It's a loop, so I end up back at home, and the walk is around 8k. It's very pretty. I'm a massive country girl, so it's nice for me to have an escape and enjoy nature. I always see the sunrise during my walks, which is so relaxing. I like to listen to music and take in my surroundings. It's so calm at that time of day."


Bickering With Co-Stars


Bentley was thrilled to get back to filming after the pandemic lockdowns—but admits it wasn't all smooth sailing. "It's so hard not to argue," she told Heatworld. "I have a habit of saying exactly what I think, which really offends certain people. But it's like fighting with siblings: you live with them, so if you fight you still have to go down to dinner with them. It's weird. Or it's a bit like boarding school."


Choosing Herself

Bentley is focusing on herself for the time being. "After my relationship with Tristan, dating isn't a priority. I'm having a break from boyfriends, and I don't sleep with anyone unless I'm dating them," she told Closer. "So essentially, I'm not having sex at the moment. Celebs do slip into my direct messages, but I wouldn't DM anyone myself. When people message me, I don't respond – I'm too much of a baby! I'd never date someone I'd never physically met. Although I'd love to go on a date with Matthew McConaughey – but he's married."

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